Cum For Nurse Sarah Sarah Vandella & Keiran Lee

Cum For Nurse Sarah Sarah Vandella & Keiran Lee
Nurse Sarah provides her patients with the very best care, but she expects them to thank her with a hard fuck once they're all better. In this Cum For Nurse Sarah scene, after tending to Mr. Lee for weeks she's ready to cash in on his cum, but she's having trouble sealing the deal. A sneaky sponge bath might do the trick!

A self-professed "woman-lover", Sarah also adores having a fat cock in her perfect juicy backside. This saucy wide-eyed babe may have an innocent look to her, but trust us; Sarah Vandella is a porn pro that was born to bend over.

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ZZ Medical Center Bruce Venture & Parker Swayze

Hot wild sex with a patient. Dr Bruce Venture cannot hide behind his medical credentials when Parker Swayze comes into his doctors clinic. She is looking for a doctor who has sex with his patients and doesn't care about the consequences.

At ZZ Medical Center, patient Parker Swayze gets the special treatment she’s been craving when Dr. Bruce Venture not only soothes her neck and back, but her pussy and her crack too! At ZZ Medical Center, all the sexy ladies want a taste of Dr. Venture’s medicine—his cum all over their face that is!

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Black Cherry Pie Casey Calvert & Xander Corvus

Casey goes to see the doctor about a strange problem she’s having: her girlfriend says her ass tastes like cherry pie. The doctor has Casey describe to him in vivid detail exactly what her girlfriend does to her body. Still unsure how to diagnosis her problem, Dr. Corvus must taste her ass too!

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FakeHospital Slim blonde gets creampied after fucking the doctor

I was just about to finish and head home for the day when there was a knock at my door that I presumed was the cleaning lady. After inviting her in I found it was a delicious looking blonde who was desperate to see me. The place was deserted so I thought I’d spend some time with this young blonde and see what her problem was. Turns out she had lost a lot of weight over the past month and she wanted me to check her over. I did some basic tests but everything seemed Ok, then I sent he to the toilet to get me a urine sample. She hadn’t been in there long when I followed her into the toilet to see if I could help her.

She seemed fine with me helping her try to urinate so I gently applied some pressure to her stomach and slid my finger across her pussy lips. Her breath hitched and I could feel her getting nice and wet as my thumb came to rest on her clit. This patient was one horny lady and she was soon swallowing my cock down her throat like it was the last piece of meat on earth. I love fucking in toilets and I got her to lean up against the wall whilst I fucked her tight, wet pussy from behind. Then I sat on the toilet and she mounted me in reverse cowgirl. It was a little cramped in the toilet so we went back to my office where I continued to fuck her pretty much anywhere that there was a flat surface. She was very vocal, always calling out for more and telling me not to stop, but every man has his limits. After giving her the good fucking that she needed, it was time to unload my medicinal waste deep inside her tight, velvet pussy.

With a loud grunt I fired both bollocks into her pussy which milked my cock dry of every drop. I fired it so deep that only a little bit came out when I went down to inspect her pussy. An amazing blonde that know how to please a man, she’ll have to come back tomorrow though as I never got that urine sample after all.

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FakeHospital Nurse cures studs depression by letting him cum all over her pussy

It was a quiet day here at the hospital when a miserable looking young man walked in asking to see the doctor. When I asked him what was wrong he was reluctant to say, but finally confessed to being highly depressed and he wanted some anti depressants. It seems this young studs girlfriend had recently left him and he was suffering badly. I was feeling frisky and I knew that all this young stud needed to get over a woman was to get his cock inside another one. I sat on the desk in front of him, explaining that I could help him release some natural hormones without the need for pills as I caressed his stiffening cock through his jeans with my foot. I hiked up my skirt and pulled my panties to one side exposing my sweet tasting pussy. I told him to lick me and he wasted no time is sticking his tongue into my hot hole.

This therapy session was in full swing and he fucked me all over the hospital reception in all of my favorite positions. Finally I was satisfied and I bent over the desk, spreading my ass cheeks and asked him to cum all over my pussy. He shot a thick wad of guy glue all over my ass cheeks and it dripped all over my slick lips. I hope his girlfriend realizes what she’s missing, this stud could fuck and my good work was done. Remember, if you’re depressed, have sex. It really does cure all and wipe away the blues.

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FakeHospital Gorgeous redhead prescribed cock by her doctor

So I make a call home and tell my wife I’ll be home right after I see this next patient. I was looking forward to it! Good food and nice bottle of wine, the perfect relaxed evening! Then this hot redhead walks in to the room. Sure she catches my eye, but I’m a professional, I quickly get rid of any fantasies that might be going through my mind. So, we start talking and it turns out she’s the sister of a nurse that used to work here! A nurse that I really did like and became, shall we say, very familiar with. It seems that she knows about me and her sister, every last detail. She makes it abundantly clear that she would like to have sex…with me. I, being the consummate professional, try to take her heart rate. But as I do, she starts to touch my cock, just gently rubbing it, I put down my stethoscope and kiss her! I get her on the bed and take off her clothes, she had an amazing body! I start to fuck her, me still fully clothed. I loved looking at her bouncing tits! I whip off my clothes lie down and let her give me the best blowjob! She really had been waiting for this for a long time! When I’ve had just enough, I get up put her on the bed and start fucking her hard. I fucked her everywhere…on the bed, the desk. And then at the end I give her a beautiful cream pie!

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