Outing The Outed Krissy Lynn, Sheena Rose & Uma Jolie

The Brazzers lesbian threesome is called Outing The Outed. It stars experienced porn star Krissy Lynn and two new porn starlets Sheena Rose and Uma Jolie. Krissy Lynn is not happy when she see's the two new barmaids pissing around instead of working, so she gets them on all fours and scrubbing the floor.

These two teen porn stars are eager to impress the blonde MILF Krissy Lynn, so they do whatever Krissy asks. Krissy Lynn takes full advantage of their submissive nature and gets them both naked and performing lesbian sex acts on each other for her own enjoyment.

Sheena Rose & Uma Jolie lick and finger each others tight pussies while hot Krissy Lynn sits and masturbates in the corner.

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