Massaging Mercedes’ Melons Mercedes Carrera & Jordi El Niño Polla

Jordi El Niño Polla is so happy to have Mercedes Carrera as he step mom. He spends so much of his time secretly looking at her cleavage and nice chunky ass. He often wonders what her pussy would look like. Today Mercedes's masseuse is unable to make her appointment. So she decides to make the most of her skinny step son Jordi. She only needed him to massage her neck and shoulders. Jordi was happy to oblige. His step mom was just laying there in her knickers and bra, letting him rub oil all over her tanned body.

When he started to massage the oil into her arse, she started to let out some pleasurable moans. Jordi realised that his step mom was actually getting turned on by his hands being all over her ass. He decided to see just how far his hands could go. He reached for her tits and Mercedes was gagging for it. Jordi now knew that his step mom wanted him to fuck her. She place her hand on his cock and could not believe that his cock was so big. She had been missing out on a big cock all this time.

Watch Mercedes Carrera & Jordi El Niño Polla fuck each other as step mom and step son in this Brazzers porn video.

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