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In the distance I saw what looked like a very hot blonde trying to pick up a load of fruit off the street. So I pulled over, got out and helped her pick up the strewn melons and fruit. She only lived down the road, so she got in the cab and as a way to thank me for my generosity, wanted me to go to her house for coffee and extras. When we got to the house, her bloody boyfriend was home.

Shit, this was fucking up the plan. Luckily, she asked if I knew of anywhere I could take her to make it up… 2 words. Car park. I raced over town and took her straight to the top, nice and empty.

Time to get some back seat jiggy on. I soon found this hot South African blonde was well naughty, and seemed up for most of the filth that pours out of my mind. Lovely. The only issue was, her pussy was so damn tight, I kept wanting to blow my load at any given chance. I knew I was in trouble when she touched her toes and lowered her pussy onto my shaft. Alarm bells were ringing and it didn’t take long for the white brigade to show up and creampie her sweet tight little pussy. I might have to stop and help more damsels in distress, if this is what it leads to!

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Well, hello South America! This was one hot mature milf that had please fuck me all over her. Well, at least that’s what I was hoping for. She was lovely and had a pair of amazing tits and after she had popped them out for a free ride there was no going back for me, I needed them in my mouth and fast.

After we made a deal that I would drive her around for the next couple of days if I could get in the back and in her knickers, it was time to find one of my nearest spots to get my hands on her. When I got in the back I could not believe the size of her tits. They felt so good I almost came in my pants.

As I pulled her panties off down her long sexy legs I could not wait to get my tongue all over her pussy and watch her tense with pleasure as I run my tongue all over her clit.

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