Porn Crush – Sweet Krissy

Sweet Krissy 01Sweet Krissy was one of my first porn crushes. Her sexy brown eyes and brunette hair make her an instant appeal. Oh, and of course her amazing big tits! Yes I have to confess that Sweet Krissy’s Big Boobs are what keeps me going back to seeing my and more photos of her. This sexy big boobed Canadian could have me wrapped around her little finger very quickly.

I even used to have a blog which I called Sweet Krissy’s diary. I used to write posts on it, pretending to be her boyfriend. I would create blog posts about our days together. Of course I created some great Sweet Krissy sex scene in my head and then wrote them in my blog. It actually gained a bit of traffic, but I sadly removed the blog in a moment of madness, trying to cut down on my blogs. It’s a shame that I gave up on that Sweet Krissy blog, I think it would still be pulling in a great amount of traffic.

Sweet Krissy 03I think her web site must be at least 10 years old now, so there is plenty of great content for me to choose some hot photos from. There is very little free nude content.

If I remember correctly, she did actually start out as a non-nude teen model. Non-nude sites were quite successful in the earlier days of internet porn. Her photos used to be all over the porn forums.

Recently Sweet Krissy has been doing more and more web cam shows. She has mastered the art of prick teasing. She can really tease you with those big Canadian tits. Her cleavage is truly magnificent. If you want to see more of this very sexy Canadian brunette, then go ahead and check out her web site >> Sweet Krissy

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