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I won the lottery with today's passenger Aaliyah Ca Pelle, a gorgeous Milf with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. The moment she jumped in my cab, she tore her tights on the doorframe, and started peeling them off, giving me a peek between her legs at her shaved pussy lips! I could barely help myself from peeking in the rearview, and rather than ignore my stiffening dick, I decided to give it a wank instead!

Aaliyah figured out what was going on and caught me in the act masturbating, then slipped forward and gave my dick a squeeze. As much as I loved her tugging me as I drove, we needed to pull over to a private spot that very minute so I could see how "wet and horny" I'd made her.

The whole time I drove to the private spot, Aaliyah spread her legs wide and put on a show for me rubbing between her legs. She tore my pants off and deepthroated my cock, licking my balls as she sucked my dick, then I went down on her in turn. My cameras caught every minute of our sex, as I boned this thick British Milf from behind, ramming my dick deep inside her in this amateur taxi sex tape!

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When this handsome hunk jumped in my cab and asked me to take him home, can you blame me for wishing that he'd invite me inside for a hot fuck? Denny drooped over the moment he hopped in the back, and told me the sad story of his girlfriend breaking up with him. While I didn't understand how a woman could cheat on a fit, good-looking guy like him, I tried my best to console him as we drove. To make him feel better, I told Denny all about my problems, such as boyfriend and how he never wants to fuck me.

It cheered us both up when Denny took out his fat dick and started jacking it off. He stiffened right up when I flashed him my all natural boobs and then offered to drive us somewhere private to suck on his dick. We pulled off a country road to have some raunchy car sex, I gave him a blowjob then hopped on top and we fucked until he shot a big fat load over my tongue!

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FakeTaxi Chessie Kay fucking with her big tits out

FakeTaxi Petite blonde with big tits gets down and dirty. I was happily driving along when I saw this petite blonde with huge tits walking by. I stopped to reverse the cab to try and talk to her and I almost ran her over. When I got her in the back of the cab to see if she was Ok, I remembered that I had fucked her in the cab once before. She said now she has even bigger tits since we met last, so without a minute to lose I asked if I could just have a quick taste of these new bad boys. I remember she was a very horny lady and I was hoping for a lot more. She said she had time for a little play about so I set off to the nearest car park to start my fantasies over these stunning tits on such a small woman.

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FakeTaxi Beautiful blonde gives sexual reward for helpful cab driver

In the distance I saw what looked like a very hot blonde trying to pick up a load of fruit off the street. So I pulled over, got out and helped her pick up the strewn melons and fruit. She only lived down the road, so she got in the cab and as a way to thank me for my generosity, wanted me to go to her house for coffee and extras. When we got to the house, her bloody boyfriend was home.

Shit, this was fucking up the plan. Luckily, she asked if I knew of anywhere I could take her to make it up… 2 words. Car park. I raced over town and took her straight to the top, nice and empty.

Time to get some back seat jiggy on. I soon found this hot South African blonde was well naughty, and seemed up for most of the filth that pours out of my mind. Lovely. The only issue was, her pussy was so damn tight, I kept wanting to blow my load at any given chance. I knew I was in trouble when she touched her toes and lowered her pussy onto my shaft. Alarm bells were ringing and it didn’t take long for the white brigade to show up and creampie her sweet tight little pussy. I might have to stop and help more damsels in distress, if this is what it leads to!

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FakeTaxi Lady in pink underwear gets creampied

I could tell as soon as I picked up my next lady customer that she had a cheeky look in her eye, and after seeing her pink knickers on show in the back of the cab, this was hopefully one in the bag. After a bit of flirting we agreed that I could fuck her in the back of the taxi, I needed a good fuck so I soon pulled up and got stuck in. She had a really juicy pussy and it tasted like a fucking rainbow, but already I was getting too excited so I lobbed my cock out and rammed it down her throat, I love this job.

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FakeTaxi Missed date sees blonde Holy Kiss fucked in cab

My day was going along alright, but was about to get even better when I picked up a damsel in distress. A posh sounding hot blonde flagged me down due to her car had broken down. I found out that she was on her way to a date of the sexual kind. Unfortunately for her I didn’t have a fucking clue how to get to Sheffield and the successful drop off to her waiting date. By the time I’d driven around in circles her date called to cancel it! Oops. So, like a knight in shining armour I offered to step in and take his place.

At first she was a bit reluctant, but as she was gagging for a shag it didn’t take long before she was gobbling my cock and I was fingering and fucking her hot wet hole. Just as we were finishing up (and by finishing up I mean I’d bolted 2 massive streams of cum across her left eye) two car cops went whizzing by! It was brown trousers time, as I thought they had come for me! Luckily they fucked off around the corner and I made a sharp exit in the opposite direction. Happy days.

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FakeTaxi Taxi drivier tries his beginners luck on hot blonde

It was time to chance my luck on the streets of London once again, and as I pulled up to my potential customer I could see that she had nearly fuck all on. She had long slim legs and her tits were sticking right out, but they did look good. I was aching to know if I could get this one in the sack, so just like always I came out with a simple do you fancy a fuck and I’ll give you a free ride. She didn’t seem to care about my no nonsense approach and then went on to tell me that this wasn’t the first time she’s been asked for a shag in the back of a cab.

This is not surprising really as I bet that dirty bastard John has shagged half of London over the years. Not that I care, I wasn’t exactly going to ask her for her hand in marriage, I just wanted to slip her one. She agreed and then off we went to a quiet spot for a bit of good old fashioned sex in the back. This could be the job for me for life, wish me luck

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FakeTaxi Tamara Grace fucking in the back of British FakeTaxi

FakeTaxi Tamara
This was my lucky day, I didn’t recognize her at first but when she was in the taxi I realized that my old mate the Scottish lad had fucked her in the back of the cab and she was a right dirty bitch. When I asked her about it she was surprised that he had shown everyone, but I don’t think she really cared as she was a top escort if I remember correctly. I asked if she had time for some fun with an older guy as she was just dripping hot and she said Ok. There was one condition though, I had to film it and show it to the other taxi driver to get him back. These woman just love cock and my luck lately has been fantastic, let’s hope it doesn’t change.

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