When The Food Truck Is A Rockin’… Sean Lawless & Alex Blake

alex blake brazzers

Check out Alex Blake as she becomes Brazzers hot dog seller for the day.  She is happily selling hot dogs from Brazzers hot dog stand whilst remaining topless in When The Food Truck Is A Rockin'.

But what her customers do not realise, is that she is being fucked from behind by Sean Lawless as she tries to sell hot dogs.

Alex is on special assignment this week, reporting for work at the brand new food truck "Don’t Go Bacon’ My Heart." Her job is simple really: dealing with a bunch of all organic foodie wankers while simultaneously wanking Sean.

Everything is fair-trade and fresh here in Alex’s food truck, and she’s here to show she has no problem mixing some business with pleasure. So when the food truck is a rockin’, it might just be because this sneaky slut is getting her ass pounded inside by Sean’s girthy slab.

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