FemaleAgent Tracy Lindsay Has Lesbian Sex with a Tall Blonde

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If I have a type, it's definitely hot chicks like Vanessa. This tall, tattooed blonde took my breath away the moment she walked into my walked into my office. Multilingual, smokin' hot, and smart, Vanessa was getting me seriously turned on, and I couldn't decide if I'd rather fuck her on the spot, or make her my girlfriend. After talking about modeling, and the agency she was leaving behind, Vanessa realized I was offering adult video shoots, and was too modest to go further.

It took some convincing and a couple bucks, but shy Vanessa opened up to the idea of stripping down to her bra and panties, showing me what a curvaceous, inked babe she is! All I could think about was getting my hands on her juicy big ass,so I tore off my clothes to reveal a sheer bodysuit that left my boobs hanging out.

Vanessa pushed me onto the couch and lay down so I could lower my pussy to her awaiting lips. She licked my fat pussy to an epic facesitting orgasm, then we switched places while my camera rolled on our hot lesbian amateur porn!

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SexyHub Me, My Muse And I Ivana Sugar & Tracy Lindsay

Tracy Lindsay is so busy with her painting that she barely notices her blonde muse Ivana Sugar when she enters the studio. Normally Ivana only comes around to provide inspiration to Tracy, but today she's here for another reason: a sexual reason.

She sneaks behind Miss Lindsay and slips out of her lingerie, then waits for Tracy to turn around. Delighted with her erotic surprise, the artist lays down her paintbrush and attends to her lover's beautiful pussy, licking it slowly and sensually until Ivana climaxes with heavenly bursts of orgasmic shivers.

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FakeHub Tracy Lindsay Lesbian Sex Scene for FemaleAgent

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Tracy Lindsay knew she was going to have a great day when her applicant Victoria Daniels walked in, and she caught her first glimpse of her tall, shapely body. Victoria seemed curious about her offer to line her up for some gigs modeling nude, so Tracy Lindsay let her know she'd be set for college after just a handful of jobs shooting erotica with the studios in town!

Victoria started off by stripping down to show her her body, turning in circles so she could see every inch of her big butt and shaved pussy. Tracy was so horny, she went to the couch and showed Victoria how she wanted her to masturbate for her camera by pulling her own panties aside and touching herself. The sight got Victoria so aroused, she joined in and went down on her, then she ate her pussy in return, savoring every minute of hot lesbian sex with this natural beauty.

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Jasmine Jae and Tracy Lindsay Lesbian Love Making Video

Congratulations – you have found one of the sexiest lesbian porn videos I’ve ever had the privilege to see. This outstanding lesbian erotic porn video, features Jasmine Jae and Tracy Lindsay, two of my favourite porn stars. Jasmine Jae is one of the most popular British porn stars working today, and Tracy Lindsay is a sexy angelic blonde Czech model who makes me hard just with her smile. Watch these two stunning lesbians perform oral sex on each other and make each other have multiple orgasms on camera.

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FemaleAgent Slim Russian takes big dildo on agents couch

This beauty claiming to be from Russia entered my office and immediately piqued my sexual radar. She was very beautiful and looked very slim. We had to speak in English which can sometimes cause some misunderstandings in communication, but the body language and chemistry between us was more then enough to get us through this casting. As we chatted and I learned more about her I realized thats she had done nude modelling before and that she was not shy to be naked in front of others.

I seized this opportunity and told her I needed to see her naked body. She shrugged off her clothes like they were an unwanted skin and her beautiful slim body was revealed completely in front of me.

I knew I had to have her now, so after a brief discussion about money I told her I would need like to get to know her better as I wanted to be able to give her lots of work. I walked over to her and kissed her softly on her neck before rubbing my hands down and over her small, pert breasts. I could feel her getting as turned on as I was and I led her over to the couch where we kissed and fondled each other. She was so horny this girl that after I spent some time inserting my spit covered fingers into her tight pussy that she had a mini orgasm within a few moments.

That turned me on so much that I soon had her finger fucking and sucking my pussy as,with an accomplished skill I didn’t expect, she brought me to my own earth shattering orgasm. I wanted to see a proper orgasm from this ravishing Russian however, so I brought my favorite big black dildo out. I inserted it and pumped it to expand itself. She called out that it was big enough and with strong powerful strokes I coaxed the orgasm that I wanted to see out of her, resulting in her losing control as wave after wave of ecstasy swept through her.

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FemaleAgent Tracy Lindsay and Jasmine Webb Lesbian Casting Romp

Rarely here during castings do we have girls full of confidence and so sure about themselves, but British babe Jasmine Webb was absolutely bursting with confidence and personality from the minute she walked through the door. She was a very attractive woman with a beautiful pair of breasts bursting out of her top. Her confidence and humor put me very much at ease and I felt very attracted to her. She was very forward and had no problems with nudity, so when I asked to see her body she almost put a striptease on for me as she undressed. I walked over to her naked, beautiful body and grabbed her firm ass and squeezed her breasts. I could hear her breath hitch as I caressed her and she had already told me that she had both personal and professional experience in making love to women. I told her our agency mostly dealt with erotic work and I asked if I could see her masturbate.

She immediately agreed after teasing me a little about it and she was soon sat on the couch with me as she rubbed the vibrator over her tits and clit. I was getting wet watching her as she brought herself to the edge of an orgasm, and then she suddenly stopped. She asked if I had tried the vibrator myself, to which I replied I hadn’t. She then took me by surprise by saying that maybe we could try it together.

I got the feeling that this woman was the one who was seducing me, but I didn’t mind at all. I slid over to her and slipped my tongue inside her sweet tasting pussy. What followed has got to be one of my best castings yet as we kissed and sucked, licked and tasted each others bodies, eventually bringing each other to two beautiful, wet and passionate orgasms. This is one casting that you will seriously not want to miss.

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