FakeTaxi Blonde chav likes it rough in back of cab

Another day, another dollar. I was hoping to have some action today as I’ve had no luck in days and then this little beauty turned up. She was slim and attractive and it was time to put a plan in place. After hitting the brakes hard on the taxi I pulled over to check the customer was Ok. As I was helping to pick up her belongings I noticed she had no knickers on and I could see her pussy lips. The temptation was just too much and I stuck my hand right in her pussy. She responded by slapping me across the face and I thought I’d have no chance shagging this one, but after the initial shock was over she seemed up for a laugh, then with a quick snog it was time to pull over somewhere and find out how dirty this blonde really was.

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FakeTaxi Taxi drivier tries his beginners luck on hot blonde

It was time to chance my luck on the streets of London once again, and as I pulled up to my potential customer I could see that she had nearly fuck all on. She had long slim legs and her tits were sticking right out, but they did look good. I was aching to know if I could get this one in the sack, so just like always I came out with a simple do you fancy a fuck and I’ll give you a free ride. She didn’t seem to care about my no nonsense approach and then went on to tell me that this wasn’t the first time she’s been asked for a shag in the back of a cab.

This is not surprising really as I bet that dirty bastard John has shagged half of London over the years. Not that I care, I wasn’t exactly going to ask her for her hand in marriage, I just wanted to slip her one. She agreed and then off we went to a quiet spot for a bit of good old fashioned sex in the back. This could be the job for me for life, wish me luck

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