Behind the scenes at porn video shoots

If you are a Twitter user and a fan of behind the scenes porn photos, then you need to be following @LewRuseful. Lew is head producer at and Producing top porn web sites such as FakeTaxi, Massage Rooms, Dane Jones, Lesbea, FakeAgent, FakeCop and PublicAgent plus more.

Lew is at the cutting edge of creating top quality porn sites. You can see what goes on behind the scenes at some of our sensual porn shoots. Lew is using his Twitter account to give you behind the scenes access to what goes on at a top porn video shoot. Take a look at some of the photos he has tweeted over the passed few months.

So if you want to see more behind the scenes photos and news follow >>> @LewRuseful

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From the makers of FakeTaxi, comes FemaleFakeTaxi. Scheduled to be released in early 2016, this is the next instalment of quality porn sites from the ReallyUseful Team.


This time, the taxi driver with be a busty female driver who takes her male or female passengers fora ride they will not forget.

Female FakeTaxi

Get all the very latest news and exclusive video preview screenshots for FemaleFakeTaxi by following her twitter account right now. >> FEMALEFAKETAXI on Twitter.

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Over 4000 Followers on Twitter for Porn Editor THANKS!

fansign02I am delighted to have over 4000 followers on twitter right now.  Twitter is my favourite social media platform.  The fact that it allows porn to be posted helps a lot.

I’ve tried using Facebook, but I found it difficult not to get banned.  It’s difficult promote porn on Facebook without using naked photos or posting links to any kind of porn.

I hope to be able to generate more genuine twitter followers in the very near future.  Check out my top three twitter accounts (part one) that I posted on this site a few months ago.

Thank you to PornStar Platinum for the fan Sign.

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My Favourite Porn Twitter Accounts that I Follow PART ONE

Twitter has become a great source of free porn. Whether it’s sexy models showing off their latest photos or amateur babes tweeting their sexy selfies, a great photo is never far away. There are so many sexy porn stars that have amazing twitter accounts, it is hard to count them and keep up to date with them, but here are some of my personal favourite twitter accounts from the porn industry.  Here’s my account >> @XXXVIDEOEDITOR

He tweets amazing photos from behind the scenes at the porn shoots.  @LEWRUSEFUL is one of the industry’s top porn producers.  He is one of the main men behind successful porn sites such as FakeTaxi, MassageRooms, FakeHospital to name just a few.

If you like cumshots, then MontycashXXX is a twitter account that you will want to follow.  He gets to cum over some of Britain’s most popular porn stars.  Most of the time he cums over their pretty faces.

I have known the sexy Jasmine Sinclair since 2001.  I designed one of my very first web sites for her when she first started out as a glamour model.  Since then she has come along way and appears in some of the sexiest BDSM videos for – BUT What I always look forward to are her very very very sexy selfies!!


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Apologies for any Re-Direction to my web site

Hi, many apologies if you have been re-directed here after clicking on one of my links on Twitter, forums or via a search engine.  I had too many blogs and web sites to control and maintain, so took the decision to consolidate all my traffic to this web site instead. This enables me to concentrate on other interests (apart from porn).

I'll still be posting links to great videos and write some articles about my work in the adult industry. But by just having one web site, one email address, one twitter account, I can also enjoy my other hobbies such as flying my drone more often and writing my book.  Oh and spending a little more time with the wife and kids! 😉

Come and join me on Twitter where I post stuff most of the day.  I am fortunate to have a job that I love, that also allows me to be online for nearly 16 hours a day.

I'm hoping you will find something entertaining on this porn blog.  I'm planning to do some YouTube videos soon, if I can figure a way of avoiding being banned by YouTube police.


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Did Fearne Cotton realise she tweeted a Porn Editor

I get a tweet from Fearne Cotton and my Twitter notifications go into over drive.  As a porn editor I don't expect to have Twitter interaction from high profile celebrities on Twitter.  I enjoy short Twitter conversations and retweets from porn stars and adult industry colleagues, but when former Radio One DJ Fearne Cotton sent me a tweet back, I suddenly had a flood of new followers, retweets and favourites.

ITV Celebrity Juice panel captain Fearne Cotton tweeted that she was enjoying doing some baking whilst listening to ZZTop.  I love a good pun, so I decided to reply to her tweet by changing the ZZTop song Give Me All you Loving, to Give Me all your Muffins, all your hugs and kisses too.  To which she replied "Yes, why didn't I think of this?"

Fearne Cotton Twitter

After I double checked that it was the real Fearne Cotton's Twitter account I sent back another tweet, but got no reply.  However, it did lead to a sudden flood of retweets and favourites.  My Twitter App notification ring tone was going off every couple of minutes.  I also gained a number of new followers.

I'm still getting the occasional retweet 3 days later.   You can follow me on Twitter @XXXVideoEditor

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