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No way could I let a busty broad like today's passenger Stacey ride without wanting to know a little bit about her. When she told me she was in town to do some underwear modeling, my mouth started watering to see a peek of her massive melons, and I asked her to mail me one of her lingerie catalogues. But we kept bantering, and I told her that she could ride completely for free if she peeled off her panties and handed them over.

Stacey peeled them off and gave me a peek at her shaved cunt, then unbuttoned her dress and got her huge fake boobs out so I could lick her nipples. After what felt like an eternity, we pulled over in a secluded spot so she could unzip my pants and get both her hands on my fat, throbbing cock. Stacey sucked me almost to the brink of blowing my load and then wrapped her legs around me and rode me so hard, until I busted a fat cumshot on her chest.

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