RealityKings Alexis Deen, Amber Gray We Live Together

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Alexis Deen, Amber Gray We Live Together

Alexis Deen and Amber Gray had an oil wrestling contest that was refereed by the sexy, Sophia Leone. The winner gets a slave for the semester.

Alexis Deen won and her first task for her slave was for Amber to lick her pussy. Amber licked her pussy nicely and Sophia got naked as she watched the hot action and poured oil on them the whole time.

Alexis returned the favor and licked Amber pussy and then they had a scissor fest. It was a fun and slippery time, living together.

RealityKings Lovely Hayley Haley Reed, Raylin Ann

RealityKings Lovely Hayley
Haley Reed, Raylin Ann We Live Together

Raylin Ann had a surprise for Haley Reed. She put a mask on her and then put a sexy lingerie bikini on her.

She taped up her nipples and spread her out on the couch. She licked her pussy and then sat on her face while Haley licked her pussy. Haley bent over while Raylin licked her asshole.

They had a scissor fest with plenty of orgasms. It was another great of living together.