From Rags To Bitches Shauna Skye & Zoey Taylor

From Rags To Bitches. Lesbian sex featuring two hot porn stars, Shauna Skye & Zoey Taylor. These to hot babes have been room mate for a long time. They both like to make sure that each other always look great on a night out. They enjoy watching each other get dressed up when looking for some guy to fuck. But one night after they both come home alone, they can only think of one way to have sex, they would have to fuck each other.

This is the first time that Shauna Skye & Zoey Taylor have tried having lesbian sex with each other. They are both really nervous, but now they know how easy it is to make each other cum.

These two hotties are not full lesbians, but now that they know they are happy to be bisexual, I'm sure that they will be having much more girl on girl action is they cannot find a cock to fuck. Being bisexual is a win-win situation for the both of them,

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