The Heat Wave Lily Love, Bruce Venture & Alena Croft

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Oh dear, this married couple are unable to pay their cleaner this month. The money problems have escalated and there is only one way that Alena Croft will want paying. She wants payment in sex. She want to have a threesome with Lily Love and Bruce Venture as they cannot afford to pay her cash. Lucky Bruce. He gets to fuck his wife and the cleaner at the same time.

It's a hot summer day and Bruce and his wife Alena are fighting about their money problems. The A.C is broken and they can't afford to fix it, plus it's so hot that Alena is barely wearing anything and their maid Lily has to strip down as she cleans. When Bruce tells Lily they can't afford to pay her this month she shyly tells her boss he can pay her back in other ways... Bruce is happy to oblige, but his wife is still home, so they have to be sneaky. When his wife calls him upstairs to apologize, she decides she wants to fuck too! This heat makes people crazy and horny. It looks like Bruce has a juggling act on his hands!

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