What the Fuck Happened to my Google Traffic?

Once again, after generating thousands of hits through organic traffic, I’m left wondering what the fuck happened to my Google traffic?  From 10,000 unique hits per day, I’m now staring at my google analytics which is telling me that I’m down to less than 300 per day.

what the fuck has happened to my google traffic

This has now happened to me on four occasions over the passed 8 years.  I get a huge amount of growth and then BAM…it disappears over a period of 4-5 days.  I have approximately 1-2 months of genuine organic traffic that converts into sales, but suddenly it’s as though Google no longer indexes my new pages.

I have ran out of ideas as to how this bullshit happens.  I have tried everything to maintain the growth of unique hit to my porn blog.

  • I’ve followed all the rules that YOAST suggest to me after I have finished writing my post.
  • I’ve written 100% unique content, no copying and pasting scene descriptions from Brazzers, Reality Kings or Fake Taxi.
  • I’ve kept all my posts over 300 words.
  • I’ve updated my blog on a daily basis with at least 2 posts per day.

But still, after all that, I’m back to square one with my blog.  hardly any traffic to speak about.  I the passed when this has happened I have simply deleted the entire blog.  I figured that I must of done something wrong along the line that Google did not approve of.  This (after a few months) helps retrieve my traffic.  But after writing some many unique blog post, I am not willing to delete everything again.

So what have I done differently this time that MAY of contributed to my web site traffic taking another tumble?

  • I re-opened an old site of mine called The Pornstar List onto my server with the same I.P address.
  • I opened another web site on my server, which is not porn related (it’s about Doctor Who).
  • I added a lot of back links on The Pornstar List and gained a lot of link in return to THIS porn blog.

So maybe one of these actions has contributed to my traffic downfall??

Sometimes I also have other theories as to what the fuck happened to my Google traffic.  They do sound a little far-fetched and sound like conspiracy theories, but…

Has my site been banned from being indexed on Google?  I have had no notification on this on Google webmaster tools.

Has my site been cloned and the cloned site has a higher domain authority than mine and is grabbing all my traffic first? This has happened before.  A Russian hack group cloned my site using 4 other domain names and duplicating my post as soon as I published the post.

Have my posts been report to Google via DMCA because I am using Brazzers, Reality Kings, FakeHub images?  Again, no notification, and why would they report an affiliate who is sending sales to their site?

As you can imagine, this is very frustrating.  The sales that this porn blog generates is a great 2nd income…it’s not going to buy me a 2nd house, but it’s enough to be able to spend on a few treats for the family without breaking the bank.

So I’m now left thinking about deleting all my posts again and starting from scratch…again.  But this time I’m just wondering whether it’s actually worth it.  Maybe I should just keep doing what Im doing and maybe the traffic will comeback on it’s own accord for whatever reason…decisions…decisions.


Porn Video Editing Software

To my knowledge there is no specialist porn video editing software.  Porn video is just normal video just with added tits and ass.  So when people ask me how do I edit porn, I just say I edit like a normal video editor would do.

Porn video editing software

The video editing software I currently use to edit porn is Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud.  I always make sure that I am using the most up to date version.  This is so I’m not using any version that may have a bug or minor glitches.

Premiere Pro is industry standard editing software, which means it is used by video editors all over the world in top production companies.  Some of the world best film makers use Premiere Pro to edit the movie from start to finish.  Deadpool and Superman Returns are just two notable recent blockbuster films to be edited using Premiere Pro.

So just because I edit pornography, doesn’t mean that I make shortcuts or use free editing software.  Porn video editing is a full-time profession, so I use professional software and equipment.  I also Use Adobe Photoshop on a regular basis to create end slates and thumbnails too.

I’m using Adobe Premiere Pro everyday for 10-12 hours, for the last 4 years so I’m confident to say that I am an experience user now.  But I will confess to say that I do learn new things from time to time.  Mostly I find out new keyboard short cuts which help my daily tasks a little faster.  If I ever do find myself needing a little bit of advice, there are always plenty of tutorial videos online to research.


Editing Beautiful Women in Porn Videos

Marlilyn Crystal
Editing Beautiful Women in Porn Videos

I am very fortunate to find myself editing beautiful women in porn videos.  10 years ago I was working in a council office in a dead end job that was driving me crazy.  I look back at those times and wonder what I would be doing now if I didn’t get my break in porn.

I was at a pub this weekend, with some new friends that were very interested in my job as a porn video editor.  To be honest, I do tend to get the same types of questions thrown at me when people find out what I do for a living, but this time was different.

It was nice to be asked a different type of question.  One of my new friends asked me what it is like editing beautiful women in porn video everyday.  This is different from the usual question like, do you wank all da? Do you get a boner when you work, blah blah blah.

So what is it like?  Well it is a real pleasure.  When I have a stunning beautiful woman on my screen, it really makes the job a joy.  I really feel very privileged to be one of those guys who have a job that they can’t wait to get started on.  I remember having jobs which filled me with dread everyday.

The pressure of getting the edit right and making sure the video is the best it can be, is still there, but the feeling of joy outweighs it 100%.


Sunbathing Beauties with their Big Tits Out

With the Summer finally beginning to hot up here in the UK, I thought I would write a porn blog post about sunbathing beauties with their big tits out.  Whether it’s on the beach or in the park, you can often catch a glimpse of a big pair of tits hanging out of a bikini top.

I remember as a child that Joss Bay in Kent was a notorious topless sunbathing hot spot.  Now I realise why my Dad would insist of taking us to Joss Bay so much.  He insisted that it was because there were no amusement arcades to waste money on their, but now as a father myself, I can see the added attraction to Joss Bay.

So here are some of my favourite porn videos that feature some hot babes soaking up the rays and getting here big tit out in front of the camera.

Beach Creep
Tony Rubino, Casca Akashova

sunbathing beauties 03

For this sunbathing beauties, post, I’ve found an absolute beauty to start off with.  Casca Akashova is out in her bikini showing her her massive tits.  No guy could ignore this busty blonde beauty as she laid out on her sun bed and getting her amazing body tanned.

Tony Rubino was the only guy who plucked up the courage to go and have a chat to the sunbathing beauty who was very much enjoying the attention on the beach.  Tony took the opportunity to offer his sun block application services.  Casca accepted his offer and also let him fuck her brains out too.

Pink Bikini Fun
Natasha Malkova

sunbathing beauties

Natasha Malkova has one of those bodies that you would just love to see at the beach.  Seeing her walking around the beach in a tiny bikini would get all the guys attention on a sun kissed beach.  So when she thought she was out of reach from any perverted eye, she started to play with her pussy.

The sunshine always make Natasha feel horny.  She always has a dildo in her handbag in case of a horny emergency.  She gave one lucky guy with a video camera a treat as she masturbated with a big pink dildo and he got in all on video!

Topless Beach Party
Ria Rox, Cleo Vixen

sunbathing beauties 02

Here we go.  A real life beach party featuring amazingly hot babes in bikinis and getting drunk. Of course the party gets messy and the bikinis disappear rather quickly.  Ria Rox and Cleo Vixen are wild party animals and they know they have smoking hot bodies.  They have not shame about getting their tits out for all the guy to stare at.

When their bikini tops come off, the party really gets going.  There is a real sense that these two hot bikini babes are always ready to be touched up and fucked at most beach parties that they go to.


Sex with Gym Bunnies Videos

With the gyms just about to reopen in the UK following the COVID-19 crisis, I thought I would revisit some of the videos that feature sex with gym bunnies.  There have been some great examples of this from Brazzers, but there is also a dedicated gym sex porn site called FitnessRoom.com that has amazing gym sex porn videos.

I pitched the idea of FitnessRooms to the production team at SEXYhub some time ago, and I was delighted when they told me that they loved the idea the site went live in September 2016.  Since then some of Europe’s best known pornstars have been fucked either before, during or after their sexy workout.

If you fantasise about fucking a hot gym bunny that you have seen in the gym, then FitnessRooms is the place for you.  I have selected some classic videos from FitnessRooms that will wet your appetite for more!

sex with gym bunnies 01

After Class Sex for Horny Brunette
Kayla Green, Gabrielle Gucci, Billie Star, Nikita Ricci

Talk about being in the wrong place at the right time! In an empty studio, buff stud Angelo is finishing his last rep when a bevy of Czech beauties wander in for their aerobics class. Seeing those titties and asses bouncing in tight spandex, Angelo’s hard cock makes its presence known through his shorts.

Well, the gym bunnies don’t appreciate his member’s appreciation! They all storm out in a huff, except sexy tattooed MILF Gabrielle Gucci. She stays behind to lead this young buck through a private lesson in pussy-pounding!

Putting the yoga mats to good use, they perform a dizzying array of sexual acrobatics: licking, rimming, and fucking until both are sweaty and breathless. After an orgasmic round of 69, Angelo bestows a gift onto Instructor Danielle–a world class cum facial!

sex with gym bunnies 02

Cock Loving Gym hottie fucks geek
Tina Kay and Lutro

Tina Kay is sweating up a storm in the Fitness Rooms, and doesn’t hear the big geek Lutro come inside. Lutro is performing an inspection to make sure the building is up to Fire and Safety code, and begins to inspect the premises.

Stumbling upon a beautiful booty and perky tits like Tina’s definitely gives Lutro pause, but as a professional, he continues with the inspection for as long as he can…until Tina grabs his cock! Both the hottie and the geek come together as one, fucking and sucking cocks and pussies until Lutro gives Tina a special protein shake.

sex with gym bunnies 03

Ebony UK gym bunny loves huge tits
Kiki Minaj, Anissa Jolie

Ebony UK gym bunny Kiki Minaj is going through a solid workout including squats, lateral raises, and biking, but none of the movements get her heart racing as fast as when she sees Anissa Jolie’s big tits enter the Fitness Rooms.

Abandoning her booty sculpting, Kiki makes a beeline for the bigger babe and coaches the fitness noobie through some movements. Convincing Anissa to lie down on the bench, Kiki squats on the brunette’s face, the Anissa eats her pussy! The ladies pleasure each other with oil and toys before both of them get to cum.


Blonde Brit Fucked by Euro Cabbie – Gina Varney

Blonde Brit Fucked by Euro Cabbie

Blonde Brit Fucked by Euro Cabbie
George Uhl and Gina Varney

Wow… I was gutted to miss out on editing this FAKE TAXI video.  My lucky colleague was the lucky guy to get his teeth stuck into this Gina Varney Fake Taxi video.  I’m so jealous!

A British blonde hottie called Gina Varney got into the taxi today. Gina told the driver she liked Czech men, because they gave her lots of attention. After meeting a friend online, Ms. Varney was here to meet them.

In Blonde Brit Fucked by Euro Cabbie, they got chatting, and when she asked if he had a girlfriend, he told her no. Gina was interested by this, and asked what he does for sex. He told her sometimes his clients do not have the money to pay, and they come to other arrangements. As fate would have it, Gina had forgotten her purse.

She agreed to show him her big boobs, and then turned around and shook her booty for the driver.  He found them a quiet place to park, and he turned her doggystyle so he could lick her tight ass and pussy. Gina gave him a sloppy deepthroat blowjob, then he fucked her hard. She was begging him to cum inside her, so he filled her up with a creampie!


Backseat Taxi Blowjobs in the UK

Backseat taxi blowjobs from hot babes in the UK.  I’ve often wondered what goes through a taxi drivers mind when he knows there is oral sex happening in the back of his taxi.  If he is driving and he can hear a cock going in and out of a women’s mouth, does he get an erection, and does he move his mirror.

backseat taxi blowjobs

Unfortunately I have never had the pleasure of being pleasured in the back of a taxi.  I’m not even sure if I would have the balls to let the wife suck my cock whilst in a taxi.  Would I want a taxi driver to watch my wife sucking me off as he drives?  not really….not thanks.

But if we flip it on its head.  What about a taxi driver that lets his customers suck his cock instead of paying for the fare?  I bet there are plenty of taxi drivers out there who fantasise about getting their cocks sucked on the backseat of their own taxi.

I’m sure that plenty of taxi drivers have picked up a hot women and played out a sexual fantasy with them in their mind.  Maybe there are women out there who also fantasise about fucking a taxi driver on a late night drive home.

Unless you have been living under a stone for the last 8 years, then you would have heard of FAKE TAXI.  If backseat taxi blowjobs is a fantasy of yours, then this taxi driver will play them out for you.  He has fucked hundreds of women in the back of his London cab.  I’m pretty sure that in ever video he gets his cock sucked.  I don’t think I have ever edited a Fake Taxi video that does not feature his cock getting sucked at some stage.

I asked a female friend of mine if she had ever had any experience with sucking a cock in a taxi.  She said that she would advise anyone to make sure they keep their seatbelt on and avoid deep throating unless the taxi is stationary…very wise…very wise.


Tit Wanks from MILF with Big Natural Boobs

Tit Wanks from MILF with Big Natural Boobs

Tit wanks from MILF with big natural boobs or to be fair a tit wank from any fit woman with big boobs would be a treat.  A pair of big knockers wrapped around your shaft and being stroked is one of those feels as a guy is truly heavenly.

I needed to specify a niche for this blog post so I decided to go with MILF.  There are plenty of top MILF pornstars out there who are able to pull over a masterful tit wank.  Most tit wanks are filmed in POV fashion.  it is a great view from the camera as your cock slides between a big pair of boobs and she looks into the camera talks dirty to you.

I always think that big natural boobs are the best of titty fucking.  For me, fake plastic tits are sometime just a little too firm for my liking.  In the porn world, a big cock is needed to give a great tit fuck video.  If the cock is not big enough then it can get lost in that cleavage.

In Tit wanks from MILF video, it’s quite rare to be honest to find a tit wank that ends in a cum shot.  I think porn directors worry about the cumshot between the tits getting lost, so it’s easy for the pornstar and cameraman to gets a better angle if the cock is withdrawn and the jizz propelled over her face or tits.