Fake Taxi Jasmine Jae in that Blue Dress Iconic Video

Fake Taxi Jasmine Jae in that Blue Dress

This is the Fake Taxi Jasmine Jae in that blue dress iconic porn video.  It is one of the most recognisable Fake Taxi ever released.  Jasmine sitting in the backseat in a light blue dress with that cheeky smile and outstanding looking figure.


This British FakeTaxi video was released on the internet on May 23rd, 2013 and was Jasmine’s first appearance on the backseat of the infamous London taxi.  Miss Jae is on the backseat talking to one of her girlfriends.  Jasmin is explaining that she has not had sex for a while but she in convinced that she has not lost her touch.

That figure hugging blue dress shows off her flat stomach and perfect looking bust.  her arms are covered by a black leather jacket that finishes of the look perfectly.  Jasmine Jae does a fabulous job in talking on her phone for the opening 3 minutes.  It’s not often the Fake Taxi driver is kept quiet for so long.

This Fake Taxi Jasmine Jae in that blue dress video is officially called Busty Brunette’s Dry Spell Ends With Cabbie’s Hard Fucking.  The scenario that plays out is about Jasmine trying to prove that she can still get a fuck out of any guy she chooses.  In this video she decides to try it on with the taxi driver.

She doesn’t have to work that hard.  He heard her phone conversation where she told her girlfriend that she was going to try and shag him.  He was not going to take much persuading to jump in the back and fuck her pussy with his big fat cock.

I really enjoy the blowjob in this Fake Taxi blue dress video.  Jasmine Jae’s big tits look great in a blue bra and she sticks a big cock down her throat.


OnlyFans is the Best Thing to Happen to Twitter?

onlyfans and twitter

Every morning when I log onto Twitter, I’m greeted with some amazing sights of real hot women promoting their OnlyFans accounts.  I’ve spent far too long scrolling through my Twitter timeline looking at these sexy ladies flaunting their hot bods in hope to entice new members to sign up to their OnlyFans accounts.

Header image is Louise Lee
Louise Lee Twitter
Louise Lee OnlyFans

This has enabled me to discover new girls that I look forward to seeing on Twitter.  Twitter is a great platform for these (mostly) amateur models to generate fans and income via their OnlyFans pages.

Some of the top models are earning thousands of dollars through promoting their links.  I think that there is definitely a huge earning potential right now for women who work from home and have the confidence to get naked in front of a camera and get their tits and arse out on a daily basis.  Hats off to them.

My only fear is what will happen IF, one day, Twitter decides to ban nudes and OnlyFans links on their social media platform?  I leaves me wondering if the OnlyFans revenue would dry up for amateur models who would not be able to promote themselves without Twitter.

But, to be honest, would it really be a huge change?  It would still mean posting daily photos and videos, but in a more imaginative and creative way.  I have said numerous times on my previous porn blog posts that I am a big fan of cleavage.  So I would be more likely to visit an OnlyFans account just on a bit of teasing with cleavage.

I have seen some Twitter accounts grow very quickly.  I have followed some new OnlyFans girls with no more than 5000 Followers and within weeks they are hitting well over 20,000 to 30,000 followers.  It’s amazing just how quickly a great set of tits and ass can do when you need followers on Twitter.

It’s very rare to find any OnlyFans models to never go topless on Twitter.  I remember the old days of lads mags magazines where a top celebrity would do a photoshoot and go completely naked but covering their nipples.  I don’t think today’s OnlyFans girls have much of a choice but to show topless photos from the start.  I have seen some models covering their pussies and leaving that type of photo or video for their members only.

I have also often wondered if there is anyway for me to jump on board the OnlyFans wagon.  I did think about creating my own brand of JOI videos and try and use some of my British pornstar contacts star in them.  But then COVID happened and that idea has been shelved…it may resurface once the world settles down.


USA Election Porn Video Specials

With the U.S. election only a few days away, I thought it would be a good time to revisit those USA election porn video specials.  If you have had enough of listening to the news talk about who will win between Trump and Biden to take over the world, the just take a look at what election porn videos have been produced over the years.

Deez Tits For President – Starring Kagney Linn Karter

usa election day porn specials

Ah, one of my all time favourite pornstars Kagney Linn Karter stars in this porn election special called Deez Tits For President.  Her fucking awesome body is all dressed up as an all American gal looking to use her big tits and wet pussy to seduce her way to become the first pornstar president on the United States.

Her amazing boobs in that American flag bikini would certainly get my vote…if I was American.  Kagney Linn Karter looks like she could rule anyone’s world in this Brazzers Election Day special.  Her wonderful cleavage is there for all to marvel at as she flaunts that body and gets what ever she desires.

ZZ Erection 2016 Part One – Starring Cherie Deville

Welcome to ZZ Erection 2016! In this episode presidential candidates Hillary Clayton (Cherie Deville) and Donald Drumpf (Charles Dera) square off in a televised debate. Soon their back and forth devolves into a firestorm of personal insults. In thi USA Election Porn Video Special, when Hillary challenges Drumpf’s manhood, the small-handed billionaire whips out his manhood and rams it down her throat, giving Hillary the most enjoyably thorough dicking she’s had in years!

ZZ Erection 2016 Part Two – Starring Nikki Benz

interracial election porn

Welcome to back to ZZ Erection 2016! After witnessing her father bang his chief political rival during the most outrageous presidential debate in US history, Ivanka Drumpf is overcome with shock. Luckily for her former presidential candidate and world renown surgeon Ben Carter is on hand to resuscitate Ivanka with his medical know-how and throbbing hard cock.

ZZ Erection 2016 Part Three – Starring Eva Karera

political porn video

In part 3 of ZZ Erection series we meet former president Bill Clayton. It seems that watching all the fucking and sucking going on with his fellow politicos has made Slick Willie on horny fella. Luckily for him, nobody sucks a dick like The Donald’s wife Melonia, who just happens to be on hand with her wet Euro pussy.

ZZ Erection 2016 Part Four – Starring Cherie Deville and Yasmine de Leon

politicians group sex parody

For my final USA Election Porn Video Special, you can see that it’s been one hell of a ride, but the election isn’t over quite yet. Drumpf and Clayton find themselves in the oval office where President Onama informs them it’s a tie! Drumpf demands a rematch, but the commander-in-chief has a better idea: a final fuck off with his hot wife Michelle! Tune in to see who will win the highest and horniest office in the land.

So who will win the race to the White House in 2020?  Do you actually give a fuck?

Dumped Girlfriend Big Cock Rebound Sybil Kailena

Dumped girlfriend big cock rebound

Dumped Girlfriend Big Cock Rebound
Sybil Kailena

I’ll take any opportunity to add a Sybil Kailena porn video to my porn blog.  She is certainly becoming a fans favourite with the European porn lovers across the internet.  So here she is again starring in a SEXYhub porn video called Dumped Girlfriend Big Cock Rebound.  Her beautifully formed sweet pussy gets a hammering from a big European cock.


Poor Sybil Kailena’s boyfriend leaves her for another woman, and distraught, she weeps on the staircase of her building. Noticing the grieving woman, Sybil’s friend Charlie Dean comes to sit next to her. Charlie comforts Sybil, who realizes that maybe the man of her dreams has been in front of her all along.

Shushing Charlie, Sybil kisses him, then presses her perky boobs into his chest. Sybil undoes Charlie’s pants, then takes out his stiffening cock, and gives him a blowjob. Standing up, Sybil invites Charlie to eat her ass and pussy doggystyle. Climbing to the top of the stairs, Charlie fucks Sybil standing doggy, then she rides his big dick until he creampies her pussy.

Here’s what porn editor Pete had to say about this new Sybil Kailena sex video when he wrote about it for FakeTaxiForum

Not 100% sure what is going on in this scenario, I’m not going to blame the poor guy’s acting because he’s doing so in a foreign language, but it is a little bit “oh hi mark”. If only he could enunciate a little clearer.

Ahh, would that it t’were so simple. There’s definitely another guy involved and a woman for whom I suspect this is not the first time she has had doubt cast upon her honour.  Also there seems to be confusion whether one or both of them are in the room upstairs.

It’s tricky editing a conversation when you don’t have a clue what was said in the last shot and what is being said next. Anyway, whatever’s happened it’s obviously a big deal for Sybil, but it’s nothing a big cock can’t fix.


Beautiful Tina Kay Erotic XXX Videos

Here are some top rated Tina Kay Erotic XXX Video from SEXYhub.  If you like to see Miss Kay get her body covered in massage oil, or performing erotic girl on girl sex or just gold old girl on boy porn, then this porn blog post has you covered.


Housewife has her plump pussy eaten
Tina Kay

Michael Fly lays Tina Kay down on the bed where he spreads her legs and pulls her panties to the side, revealing the delicious juicy peach between her legs. Turned on by Michael’s passion, Tina springs forward and unbuttons her man’s jeans before wrapping her hungry lips around his cock.

She’s got a whole lot of enthusiasm as she sucks that D, and Michael doesn’t know if he’s going to be able to last. But he’s a dedicated lover, and he wants to give this beautiful MILF the time of her life.


Husband loves wife’s big tits
Tina Kay

With all the epic titty-fucking sessions he regularly enjoys, Kristof Cale owes Mother Nature big time for the bountiful gifts she has bestowed on his wife Tina Kay. From her big naturals to her juicy peach, this busty Brit’s body is 100% real, and it looks absolutely perfect in every position, especially when Tina’s bending over and riding her husband’s face.

Kristof sticks out his tongue while Tina bobs her jaw-dropping innie pussy up and down on his mouth. Her pink snatch tastes as sweet as a ripe summer-time nectarine, but Kristof is aching to move onto the main event- hardcore penetrative sex.


Massive tits babe licked by stunner
Tina Kay, Lucy Li

Superstars Tina Kay and Lucy Li have found themselves paired up for a sexy massage scene this afternoon. With two powerhouse pornstars like these, the sex is bound to be life changing. Lucy begins by rubbing oil into her British client’s perky ass, getting her nice and relaxed for some hot and steamy lesbian fun.

This thick, all-natural Euro babe climbs up onto the the table to get a better view of Tina’s luscious butt cheeks and world-famous peach pussy. It may be Miss Kay’s time to relax, but this lusty beauty has a sexual fire burning within her. She takes charge of the situation, stripping her busty masseuse naked, and going to town on those massive big tits.


Cock hungry Milf gets heavy facial
Tina Kay

Tina Kay is feeling frisky, but she doesn’t want to waste time by seducing Nick Ross with her words. So, the British MILF makes her desires known by slipping into the slinkiest lingerie she owns and fuck-me pumps. When her boyfriend walks in the door, he gets Tina’s message loud and clear!

Of course, it helps when the mature vixen pounces on him for an energetic blowjob. Now fully erect and ready for action, Nick eats out Tina’s tight pussy before thrusting inside her. Their lovemaking is wild, passionate, and on fire tonight! So, seizing the moment to try opportunity kinky, Nick unleashes his cumshot as a big facial onto Tina’s gorgeous smile!


Beautiful Russian with older woman
Tina Kay, Mary Kalisy

Mary Kalisy is feeling self-conscious in her short shorts, but mature girlfriend Tina Kay wants to show the shy Russian just how beautiful she truly is. The flirty MILF invites Mary to come cuddle in bed, before slowing undressing her and playing with her pert little nipples.

As Tina begins eating out Mary’s tight pussy, the brunette writhes with delicious pleasure and quickly falls into a multi-orgasmic bliss. Then, it’s Tina’s turn to ride her lover’s face into climax. But the British hottie hasn’t had enough of the younger woman’s pussy-licking, and they keeping fucking in 69 until both lesbians are spent from their intense orgasms.


Georgie Lyall Romantic Porn Videos

I’ve picked out some of my personal favourite Georgie Lyall romantic porn videos from the female friendly porn world of SEXYhub.  When it comes to hot British blonde pornstars, few would argue that Georgie Lyall is one of the most highly rated in the adult industry.

Wife phones husband while cheating

Wife phones husband while cheating
Georgie Lyall

Georgie Lyall is staying in a hotel when she finds out her husband has been cheating on her again, and calls him up to demand answers. As she yells into the phone, her room service arrives, fresh orange juice squeezed by the bellhop Alan.

Furious with her cheating husband, Georgie tells him she will fuck his father, his best friends, and hell, even the bellhop to get back at him. With that, Alan looks up to see Georgie grab him by the tie and kiss him. Georgie gives Alan the Bellhop a sultry blowjob, then wanks him with her big tits.

The MILF then climbs onto his face and rides his tongue before taking his big dick in her pussy. Alan fucks Georgie doggystyle, then barely manages to pull out before cumming on her pussy.

Latina au pair joins older couple

Latina au pair joins older couple
Georgie Lyall, Baby Nicols

Miguel and Georgie Lyall are in bed together when Baby Nichols comes in to the room complaining she is too scared to spend the night alone. Though Georgie is uncertain, Miguel takes one look at the hot Latina babe’s tits in her lingerie and insists she stay.

As Georgie closes her eyes, Baby gets Miguel’s attention, then starts to seduce him. At Baby’s suggestion, Miguel starts to play with Georgie’s pussy, then eats her out. Keeping quiet, Georgie stifles her moan as Miguel fucks her until she cums, then leaves the room to go to the bathroom.

While she’s gone, Miguel hops on over to Baby, who enthusiastically starts to suck his cock. Georgie comes back to see Baby’s lips wrapped around her boyfriend’s cock and gets very angry that she isn’t doing it right! Georgie teaches Baby how to throat a cock, then they all have a threesome that ends with Miguel cuming in Georgie’s pussy, and baby licking his jizz out!


Big tits Scottish blonde on top
Georgie Lyall

How strange it is, that British-born Marc Rose and Scottish-born Georgie Lyall meet for a sensual session in a Massage Room in Prague. The pair get to chatting while Georgie oils up Marc’s sore shoulders and rubs out the tension, then she quickly removes his towel.

Impressed by Marc’s massive member, Georgie gets turns on, and while oiling up the stud’s thighs, asks if she can touch his penis. Marc is more than happy to say yes, the Brit moans with delight and Georgie gives him an oily handjob, then takes his cock into her mouth. In this In this Georgie Lyall romantic massage video, Georgie then oils up her own boobs, strips nude, and climbs on top of Marc’s dick. Georgie rides Marc for pure pleasure, then he cums deep inside her pussy for a creampie!


Big tits British blonde creampie
Georgie Lyall

Stanley Johnson has hired stunning Scottish blonde, Georgie Lyall, for a fun and oily rubdown in the Massage Rooms! Lying on his back with only a small, white towel to cover his penis, Stanley breathes out quickly as the busty blonde pours oil on his chest and legs, then begins to pleasure him.

Georgie pours oil on her own big tits, then lubes up Stanley’s cock to wank him with her huge boobs. Georgie takes Stanley’s cock into her mouth, then climbs on top and rides him in reverse-cowgirl. After an oily fuck, Georige lets Stanley fill her pussy with a thick creampie.

Big natural tits Brit covered in cum

Big natural tits Brit covered in cum
Georgie Lyall

Marc Rose is sitting in the living room on the chair reading his book when his wifey Georgie Lyall enters the room wearing a smoking hot blue dress. Georgie takes the book from Marc and sets it aside, then takes out her big tits and teases him a little before getting on her knees and undoing his pants.

During this In this Georgie Lyall romantic porn video, Georgie takes out Marc’s hard cock and gives him a sensual blowjob, then strips off her dress and gives him a tit-wank. Getting up, Georgie turns around and takes Marc’s dick into her pussy reverse cowgirl style, then the couple move to the bed where Marc can eat her out, fuck her good, and they can both cum!

Pretty Brit with big natural tits

Pretty Brit with big natural tits
Georgie Lyall

When you’re as beautiful a lady as Georgie Lyall, you’re bound to get sore every now and then, so the Scottish blonde books herself an oily massage with Nathaly Cherie. Lying naked on a soft mattress, Georgie’s skin tingles in anticipation of the feeling of Nathaly’s silky hands.

In this Georgie Lyall romantic lesbians porn video, Nathaly pours oil on Georgie’s naked body and massages her legs and bubble butt, then moves up to play with her big boobs. When Nathaly starts to give Georgie a bodyrub she can’t help but smile and the blonde babes make out. Nathaly moves between Georgie’s thighs and eats her pussy, then makes her client cum with some sensual finger fucking. Flipping their roles, Nathaly gets naked, then Georgie eats her out and returns the orgasmic favor!

Hot creampie for big tits UK blonde

Hot creampie for big tits UK blonde
Georgie Lyall

Big tits UK blonde Georgie Lyall and her lover Thomas have spent the morning enjoying the sunshine, and have returned home for some afternoon delight! Kissing and caressing each other, the couple explore their bodies, then Thomas takes out Georgie’s big boobs and worships them.

Slipping a hand into her onesie, Thomas first rubs her clit through her panties, then slips his finger into Georgie’s wet pussy. The blonde then gives Thomas a sensual blowjob, grinds on his dick, and takes his cock missionary and doggystyle, before riding him cowgirl until he creampies her!

Gorgeous UK blonde has intimate sex

Gorgeous UK blonde has intimate sex
Georgie Lyall

Georgie Lyall is getting dressed to impress in her flat while her boyfriend Thomas watches and admires her pristine beauty. Thomas admires the sleek and sensual curves of Georgie’s legs as she puts on her stockings, then can’t help but reach out and touch her.

In this Georgie Lyall romantic porn video, Georgie and Thomas kiss passionately on the sofa, and Thomas quickly begins to disrobe Georgie once more. Sucking her big tits and playing with her big ass, Thomas lies Georgie down on her back and eats her pussy.

Returning the favor, Georgie gives Thomas a loving sloppy blowjob, then takes his cock deep inside of her pussy. After some missionary and doggystyle fucking, Thomas cums on Georgie’s sensible bush.


Deeply Intimate Experienced Lovers

Deeply Intimate Experienced Lovers

Deeply Intimate Experienced Lovers
Tiny Tina and Michael Fly

Lovers Tiny Tina and Michael Fly have been together a long time, and these experienced lovers have learned one another’s erogenous zones. Sitting on the couch, the couple embraces passionately, then Michael slowly leans Tina back so he can expose her small breasts.

Licking and kissing her boobs softly, Michael then pulls Tina’s purple panties to the side and licks her pussy. Inserting his hard cock into her tight wetness, Michael gets Tina off, then she gives him a long, loving blowjob. After some doggystyle and cowgirl love making, Michael cums on Tina’s face!

Here’s what porn editor Studly Smalls had to say about this video on FAKETAXI Forum.

Tiny Tina has an unmatched passion for sex so it’s always great to see one of her scenes coming my way. I love the gentle passionate pace of this real love-making scene. Tina and Michael hold each other tightly and can hardly take their eyes from each other.

Our camera had to get in real close to cover the action because the loving couple were so rapt with ecstasy they just didn’t want to let go. I love the looks of pleasure on Tina’s face throughout the scene, especially toward the end as she’s really feeling every inch of Michael’s cock inside her. Finish it off with a facial and that’s one very exciting scene!


OnlyFans Models Get Featured on this Web Site

OnlyFans Opportunity

This is a shout out to all the OnlyFans models that are looking for a little more exposure.  I’m looking to post some OnlyFans Featured Model blog posts on my porn blog over the next few months.

I am in need to original content to keep my blog fresh and updated as much as I can.  So I think having featured models posted once or twice a week will be in interesting addition to my blog.  It will also give you some extra exposure and links to your OnlyFans page. 

If you are interested in being an OnlyFans featured model, then I would just need 300-350 words (or more) written about your OnlyFans page.  Think of it as an advert for your page.  If you are interested, then please DM me on my Twitter account @XXXVideoEditor

I am currently receiving over 3000 unique visitors to my blog.  Mostly from Europe and the USA.  I have nearly 150,000 followers across various Twitter accounts, including a poplar FakeHub Fans account that will all see my tweet when you post goes live on my site.

Interested? Then DM me (@XXXVideoEditor) your 300-350 words that best describe your OnlyFan page and why people should subscribe to your page.