Honour May Masturbates with a Bright Pink Vibrator

Honour May Masturbates

RK At Home: Posh Princess Craves Cock
Honour May

One of my favourite British pornstar, Honour Mate masturbates with a pink dildo in this brand new Reality Kings porn video.  She is all alone and has time on her hands.  She decides she has had enough waiting around to be fucked, so she takes measures in to her own hands and gets naked for some self loving.

Honour May starts this solo girl RK at Home video by stripping out of her sexy dress to reveal some cute pink panties.  She teases you by rubbing her clit through her wet panties and then take off her bra and makes her nipples go hard.

Honour May Masturbates slowly at first.  She rubs herself on front of the camera and you can see just how wet she has made herself for you.  She slowly inserts two fingers into her posh British pussy.  All the time she is fingering herself, she talks to the camera in that hot posh British accent that she is famous for.

When her fingers have done the talking, she finally reaches for her pink dildo.  She knows this vibrator will make her cum numerous times.  She teases her pussy at first, rubbing it around her pussy lips, before pushing it deep into her vagina.

You’ll love the way Honour May masturbates and talks dirty to you in her posh voice.  If you like the way the British babes talk, then you are going to be rock hard watching this RK at Home video featuring Honour May.


Women with Cleavage Caught on Camera

As some of you may be aware, I am a big boobs fan.  But I have to confess that I am much happier to see a hot women with cleavage being fucked rather that the tits fully out.

It’s the case in 100% of videos, but the initial attraction is via the cleavage, so it makes sense to me that watching her getting fucked with clothes on is sometimes more of a turn on.

women with cleavage Jarushka Ross

Jarushka Ross – Miss Ross was on her phone when Marcus London got into the taxi and asked her if she was free. Marcus told her he was in town on vacation, having never been to Eastern Europe, and was just here for a good time.

Like most guys, he started talking about Jarushka’s big boobs almost immediately, and asked if he could find out if they were real. She needed to concentrate on the road and she said not yet, so he asked her if he showed her his cock, would she show him her tits? All of this sexy talk flustered her, and soon, she got lost.

Jaruska’s GPS wouldn’t even work, andshe apologized to Marcus. He didn’t seem to mind for some reason, and invited her into the backseat. When they got there, she saw how truly sexy he was, and we started to make out. Marcus was amazing at fucking, he made her squirt multiple times, then pleased her pussy with his big dick! It was a wet and wild fuck, then he came all over her boobs!

women with cleavage luna star

Luna Star – A good place to start my women with cleavage examples.  Miss Luna Star bounces on her gym ball and makes those big Latina tits bounce and nearly give herself two black eyes.

Those massive big boobs looks beautiful sat in her white see-though gym t-shirt.  you’re kept on the edge of your seat wondering if those big puppies with fall out and give you the full view of her rack.

women with cleavage sarah vandella

Sarah Vandella – Here’s a great example of a hot blonde MILF with her cleavage on show.  I would love to see this sexy pornstar riding a big dick and keeping her dress on.  I’m not saying that her tits look great when full exposed, but I think just seeing that amazing cleavage jiggling around would be a great way to shoot a porn video.

Sarah Vandella has been shooting porn for many years.  As a top rated MILF pornstar, I’m sure there are many great videos of her showing off her impressive cleavage.

women with cleavage moriah mills

Moriah Mills – This voluptuous ebony MILF has a fucking awesome set of front bumpers.  So when she wears a low cut top and bend forward, she give all us cleavage fans a real hot treat.  Her wonderful boobs have made a few popular appearances lately and her fans really appreciate her fantastic tits when she leaves her bra on.

Her 34DDD breasts look amazing every time she gets in front of the camera and shakes her tits around.  The combination of her big ebony boobs and huge ass are a sight to behold when her videos go online.


Public Agent British Pornstar Appearances

Let’s take a look at some of the Public Agent British pornstar appearances.  I have been lucky enough to edit some of these wonderful British babes performing in outdoor sex POV video for FAKEhub’s Public Agent brands.  I’m going to do my best to go through some of these scene and recall some of my favourites.

Public Agent British Pornstar Apperances

Carmel Anderson – Cheeky Brit gets a Pounding

Public Agent had spent the night with some friends at the casino and woken up with a bunch of money, so he decided to treat himself when he saw cheeky Brit Carmel Anderson walking down the street and approached her.

Carmel was single, and in town on holiday, and clearly looking for some fun. He offered her 200 Euro to show him her boobs, and giggling, she did. He asked her if she would show him her ass or her pussy for 300 more, and she chose her pussy!

In this Public Agent British pornstar appearance, seeing her tight pink lips turned him on and got his dick hard, so he offered her 500 more to suck his dick. They went to a quiet place and she sucked his big cock, and then they fucked fast and hard! He gave her a big facial, then they heard someone coming, so he ran for it.

Public Agent British Pornstar

Lucia Love – An Extra Creamy Cumshot For British Babe in A Public Park

Walking through the park Public Agent approached this talk dark haired English beauty and told her that he was interviewing people for mainstream TV.  After a few questions he asked her what job does she do.

She told him that she was a lingerie model back in England.  He gave her a lot of money to see her in her underwear but after that he was so horny and then paid her a lot more to let him fuck her in the bushes.

Lenina Crowne British Public Agent

Lenina Crowne – Redhead Brit fucks for posh villa

Public Agent saw pale, ginger babe Lenina Crowne walking along and he thought she was fucking sexy, so he stopped her, and engaged her in conversation. Lenina had just moved to Prague, and was looking for a room to rent.

He had a posh villa she could check out, so we got to chatting as we made our way to the house. At the sight of the huge garden, indoor pool, and comfortable beds, Lenina’s jaw hung open. He told her the price of 1500 euro, and the redhead found that expensive, so she asked him if we could work out a deal.

Public Agent asked her what she meant, and she pulled off her dress to reveal huge fake tits, then turned around, and stuck her ass out for him. He offered her 400 euro to play with him a little bit, and she gladly got onto her knees to suck his dick. He ate her pussy from behind, then fucked her doggystyle. In this Public Agent British pornstar appearance, Her pussy felt amazing as he fucked her missionary style, so much so that he pulled out, and came hard on her face!

marina maya british pornstar appearance

Marina Maya – Indian babe fucked in basement

Public Agent noticed Marina Maya’s smoking hot body from a distance. She was wearing tight spandex that really showed off her amazing ass, so he approached to ask her when the next bus was coming.

Marina was from London, and was in town with her boyfriend on vacation. He asked her if she wanted to earn some money while she was in Prague, and she was interested in being a model. He offered her some money for casting, and 600 euro later, she flashed him her perky tits and ass.

He wanted more, but Marina didn’t want to cheat on her boyfriend, though she did offer to jerk him off as a thank you. They found an abandoned basement, and Marina fell in love with his cock. She stroked it, then sucked it, then let him fuck her tight pussy all kinds before he spunked on her face!


Mia Rose and her Big Teen Boobs

Mia Rose 2

Feast your eyes on Mia Rose and her big beautiful teen boobs.  I have been fortunate enough to edit some of her latest porn videos for FAKEhub.  Her impressive chest has made editing a real pleasure indeed!

She is a hot brunette European pornstar that has now appeared in Fake Taxi and Public Agent videos which I edited.  I was really impressed by just how great her tits were.

Mia Rose 2It’s always a pleasure to discover a new pornstar.  Public Agent has a new pornstar in every scene that is shot.  More recently recognised pornstars have been used which is always exciting, but for me it’s always a joy to find a new pornstar that I think will go on to be very well-known in the future.

I was particularly impressed by how Mia Rose exposes her boobs.  In both Public Agent and Fake Taxi videos when she got her tits out, they did not just hang.  They have a very nice firm look to them.

I have just finished editing another Mia Rose porn video, but because it has not been released yet, I am not permitted to give you anymore information about it.  But I can assure you that you will be to see a lot more of her wonderful big teen tits very soon.


Editing Fake Taxi Porn Videos

I have been editing Fake Taxi porn videos since the concept first started back in 2012.  The first batch of 10 scenes that I edited where produced in Prague, Czech Rep.  So one of my claims to fame is that I was the first porn editor to edit Fake Taxi porn videos.  It’s something that I use as an ice breaker if I’m out in the pubs.

Editing Fake Taxi Videos

When the demand for Fake Taxi videos grow and grow, a dedicated Fake Taxi editor was employed to over see the editing of Fake Taxi.  I was slightly disappointed because when the British Fake Taxi scenes started to arrive, they looked so good!  I was needed to continue editing Public Agent and Fake Cop videos that were coming in thick and fast!

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But about 2 years ago the situation changed and I was once again on Fake Taxi porn editing duties.  I was absolutely delighted.  By now the Fake Taxi brand was global…I was editing a globally recognised brand and the pornstars appearing were some of my absolute favourites.

The main tasks when editing a Fake Taxi video is to make sure that the drivers face is blurred at all times.  I know over the years his identity has been found out, but we still like to keep using the blur as part of the brand.

I also have to subtitle every scene that I edit.  This is the most time consuming part of the editing process, but a valuable one.  Some times the English language can be a little difficult to understand, or phrases may need translating to be fully understood by none English viewers.

I also have to cut the video too.  With up to 5 camera angles to use, this part is what I enjoy the most about editing Fake Taxi porn videos.  Being able to choose what the viewer gets to see is the job I really love to do.  I love to be able to get the best angle I possibly can throughout the full video.  Seeing a hot babe opening her legs or getting her tits out are the shots that I like to get right in the middle of the frame at all times if possible.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to tweet me on my Twitter account @XXXVideoEditor – I’ll do my best to respond.


British Porn Video Editor with Experience

I am a British porn video editor with plenty of experience.  I have been editing porn videos since 2012.  The most famous porn brand I currently work on is Fake Taxi.

British Porn Video Editor

I also work of porn brands such as Public Agent, Female Fake Taxi, Fake Driving School and Fake Hostel.  The videos that I edit for these brands have been viewed millions of times on porn tube sites such as PornHub and xHamster.  Other porn sites I have worked on include PropertySex and Splatbukkake.

I am very experienced using Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro and Photoshop.  I am able to upload and download content very quickly as I have a fibre optic ‘to the house’ internet connection.

I have a good level of social media understanding.  I currently have 48,000 followers on Twitter on my XXXVideoEditor account as well as nearly 100,000 followers on a separate FAKEhub Fans account too.

I have a lot of experience in uploading porn videos to porn tube sites.  I have been uploading Fake Taxi and Public Agent videos for nearly 10 years and have gained valuable experience in how to tag and title porn videos for the maximum viewing exposure.

If you are looking for a British porn video editor, please email me leroy@xxxvideoeditor.com or DM me on my Twitter account @XXXVideoEditor.

I work from home and I am online throughout the day, so I can reply to any messages very quickly.


Anal Sex Taxi Rides in a London Taxi

As a video editor for Fake Taxi I have seen many great anal sex taxi rides in the last 6 years.  I have edited 100’s of Fake Taxi videos so here is a quick selection of my most recent favourite Fake Taxi anal sex video.


I have put together some of my most memorable anal sex taxi video that I can remember, just by browsing through the Fake Taxi achieves on FAKEhub.

anal sex taxi rides liza billberry

Liza Billberry – This was a great Easter themed porn video.  This hot babe (Liza Billberry is all dressed up as the Easter bunny and on her way to a party.  She has a pair of wonderful tits and her whole body is absolutely stunning.

As I started to edit this Fake Taxi porn video, is soon began to realise that this was going to be a hardcore anal sex taxi video.  I was not expecting her to take this big cock in her arse.   She took a massive British penis deep into her arse with not problem.

This is a treat for all fans of Liza Billberry.  Not only do we get to see her amazing tits, but we get to see her wonderful arsehole being stretched to it’s limit.

anal sex taxi rides amber deen

Amber Deen – This Scottish blonde anal lover is picked up from the roadside and explained that she wanted to pay for her taxi fare by being fucked in the arse.  the taxi driver tried to explain that he no longer fucked his passengers in the arse, but it didn’t take too long for Amber Deen to change his mind.

I really liked watching Amber Deen lower her arsehole on to the taxi driver big bellend.  Seeing his cock disappear deep into Amber’s sexy Scottish asshole was a real treat for me as a full time porn video editor.

anal sex taxi rides shona river

Shona River – OMG Shona River has one of the best asses that I have had the pleasure in editing.  If she had big tits, then she would be one of my favourite pornstars.  She is a stunning pornstar from Hungary who loves cock in her arse.

In this Shona River anal Fake Taxi video, she is on her way to the airport but she wants to get fucked in the arse one last time before she returns to Hungary.  The taxi driver is only more than happy to perform his duty and fuck her sweet arsehole in his taxi.

Dildo in her arse

Barbie Sins – Miss Sins is one of the hot British blonde pornstars who I love seeing on my porn editing schedule.  She is a such a pro.  Editing her anal sex videos is relatively straight forward because she knows what she is doing and performs to the highest standards.

In this Barbie Sins anal sex video, she gets her arsehole stretched by a big double ended dildo and the taxi drivers cock as well.  she was on her way to see a sissy boy client but she had forgotten to have her arsehole stretched before she left.

Taxi arse sex

Tanya Virgo – This beautiful Russian short blonde haired Russian babe loves cock in her arse.  In her previous taxi video, Tanya Virago had promised to one day let the taxi driver fuck her arse, but I never thought she’d actually go through with it!

Tanya showed off her little arsehole and teased the London taxi driver by playing with herself on the backseat.  She is a real hot Russian that will take a big cock in her arse all the way down to the balls!

Louise Lee anal fucking

Louise Lee – To be honest i never thought I would ever see the day when cute British blonde pornstar Louise Lee would get fucked in the arse.  I always enjoy editing her videos.  She always bring her own personality to the screen and is good at giving and taking on screen banter.

In the Fake Taxi video, she explains that she needs some help in getting her arsehole stretched.  She is dating a driving instructor who wants to fuck her arse also.  So she turns to the Fake Taxi driver who she has heard is very good at getting women prepared for anal sex.


Face Mask Fucking with Big Boobs

Face Mask Fucking

Face Mask Fucking with Big Boobs
Martin Gun, Erik Everhard, Mia Rose

Well it had to happen didn’t it.  Sooner or later there had to be some porn featuring face masks.  This Public Agent video feature teen babe with big boobs, Mia Rose giving a blowjob through her face mask.


This is the first video that I have edited a porn video that features Mia Rose.  I was really impressed by her composure whilst filming out in public, just after lockdown had finished in Czech Rep.  She gave no indication that she was nervous even when cyclists raced passed in their tight fitted lycra.

Mia Rose in Face Mask Fucking with Big Boobs gives us all an eyeful of those big teen tits.  Public Agent offers her a cash incentive to follow him to a private place where she can get her big natural boobs out in the hopes of a modelling contract.

Mia Rose has the perfect pair of big boobs to help promote swimwear for busty women.  But when Public Agent offers her more cash to get the snatch out, she take the money with pleasure.

The scene where Mia Rose makes a hole in her face mask and then sticks a cock in her mouth should be viral by now.  It’s the perfect image of what the CoronaVirus post lockdown will loo like in a post COVID-19 world.