Porn Video Editor with a Great CV and Experience

If you are looking for somebody to edit your porn videos, then maybe you want to hire a porn video editor with a great CV and plenty of experience. Here’s is my list of clients past and present.

porn video editing CV

I’ve been editing the Fake Taxi porn videos since the site was launched back in 2012.  I am responsible for making sure that the Fake Taxi drivers face is blurred and each scene is delivered on time and with the subtitles included.  I edited together each Fake Taxi video that uses multiple camera angles with a 30 minute main scene, a 12 minute tube version and a 2 minute trailer for the preview site and social media.

I have been editing the famous Public Agent videos since July 2012.  I have edited hundreds of Public Agent videos and at one point it was the number one ranked channel on PornHub and YouPorn.  When editing Public Agent videos I need to make sure that I blur his face if ever it appears and add the subtitles.  I also create a tube version and a trailer.

Recently I have taken the reigns as the senior video editor, editing all the Female Fake Taxi videos.  Editing Female Fake Taxi videos is slight different from the original FakeTaxi as I do not have to blur anybody’s face unless it is a member of the public who has walked passed the taxi while out on location.

The first scene I edited for Fake Driving School featured Ella Hughes in 2007.  I enjoyed editing Fake Driving School videos because I really enjoyed the chemistry between the British pornstars and Ryan Ryder (the driving instructor).  Again, as with all the other brands that fall under the FAKEhub umbrella I had to edit a 30 minute main scene, a 12 minute tube version and a 2 minute trailer.

Editing Property Sex porn video was a joy.  I really enjoyed editing these videos that featured famous American and Canadian pornstars.  It was great to edit videos that starred popular pornstars that I had seen on Brazzers and Reality Kings in the past.   Editing Property Sex videos meant that I had to liaise with porn producers thousands of miles away.  It was easily achieved with great time keeping and communication.

My main duty when editing SPLATBUKKAKE videos is to make sure that no male faces are shown at all.  I have to blur all the guys faces during these gangbang videos.  Sometimes there can be up to five faces that need blurring at the same time.  I also need to remove any footage of the cameraman moving around and making it look seem-less.

One of my most recent clients is the British content creator star Elle Brooke.  She creates some fantastic videos of her outstanding tits and ass.  Recently she has asked my to edit some of her multi-cam video shoots that she simply didn’t have time to edit.  I enjoy editing multi-cam porn shoots as it gives me the creative freedom to make sure that the best angle is on show at all times.

If you would like to contact me regarding editing porn videos, please feel free to email me – You can also find me on my Twitter account with over 50K followers @XXXVideoEditor

Fuck this Shit, Porn Blogging is DEAD

I’ve been porn blogging for as long as I can remember.  I think I was probably writing about porn on blogs before I was porn video editing.  But I now truly believe that it has all come to an end.

Taken from Brazzers A Day with a Porn Writer starring Nicolette Shea
Taken from Brazzers A Day with a Porn Writer starring Nicolette Shea

I have enjoyed writing about Brazzers, RealityKings and FAKEhub porn videos.  But As I sit in my office chair at 22.53 in the evening, I’m relieved to say that I won’t be doing it anymore.

Over the last 6 months I have wasted many mornings trying to get as many word churned out about the latest porn video to be released.  But as I watch my Google analytics show me, the number of visitors are slowly but surely dwindling away to more or less zero.

Gone are the days of waking up to find that my porn blog entry has indexed in the top 3 on google and it was generating revenue via affiliate sales.  Gone are the days of earning $200 while I slept.

I no longer have the desire to set my alarm clock for 5am to get up and find out what the new Brazzers releases were and to write about them before anybody else could.  It is now truly a waste of my fucking time.

Google is well and truly fucking me.  As soon as I think I’ve cracked it by following all the SEO rules, the algorithm changes and causes my organic search engine traffic to slide into oblivion.  I have a suspicion that Google want all porn irradiated from its index.  The goalposts just seem to get changed far too often for me too fucking be bothered with anymore.

Who knows what I’ve been doing wrong.  Without changing my routine, structure or methods, my search engine traffic has gone down the pan.  I usually come up with some kind of explanation, but this time, I just don’t have the motivation to continue.

I’m now earning more money in affiliate sales via Twitter.  Just downloading the latest porn video and selecting a great 15 second clip seems to go down well with Twitter viewers.  I’ve set up a new Twitter account devoted to porn shorts.  It takes less time than writing 800-1000 words about it every fucking morning.

Don’t get me wrong, this porn blog is not shutting down.  I’ll still be making porn blog entries, but it will more about the porn editing side of things or just random porn related stuff that I think I can write enough about.

Who Blurs the Fake Taxi Drivers Face?

If you are trying to find out who blurs the Fake Taxi drivers face, then you have found him.  Well, one of the team anyway.  I have been blurring the Fake Taxi drivers face, full-time since 2017, but I was the video editor who edited the first 10 ever Fake Taxi episodes back in 2021.

Blurring the fake taxi drivers face

There are two full-time video editors who edit the Fake taxi videos.  Blurring the drivers face is just one of the main porn editing duties required to make a Fake Taxi video.  Not only do we need to blur his face, but we also need to blur any signs of brand names or faces of the public in the background.

Hopefully, you might not have noticed, that throughout most of the Fake Taxi videos, the windows are slightly blurred.  This is to make sure that we also blur any car number plates that might be readable during the scene.

To blur the Fake Taxi drivers face, I use Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud on a 24 inch iMac.  Using the gaussian blur effect within Premiere Pro I try and make sure the blurring effect is not to harsh.  I do this by giving each blur (whether its the face or a window) a heavy feather. Some where over the 30 point mark does the business.  I would go higher if the face is near to the camera.

Blurring the Fake Taxi videos can be time consuming depending on the shoot location of the video.  If the driver has decided to drive through a busy town centre, then I have to be very careful to make sure that I blur any brand names on shop windows or billboards.  Also, in a busy city centre there will be plenty people on the pavements that need to have their faces blurred too.

It’s not only Fake Taxi videos that I blur as part of my porn editing duties.  I also need to blur for Female Fake Taxi, Public Agent, and most recently Forgive Me Father.  So editing porn isn’t about sitting in my pants watching porn all day! There’s plenty more to it than that.

If you require a porn video editor, then please feel free to email me or DM me on Twitter.

Scarlett Chase Fits her Whole Fist in her Ass

I could not believe what I was seeing.  It’s not very often that we get to see such a pretty pornstar such as Scarlett Chase fitting her whole fist deep into her arsehole.  It truly is a wonderful sight.

Scarlett Chase Fisting her ass

Scarlett Chase treats us to this marvellous feat in her very first appearance in a Brazzers porn video.  In Anal Fisting Missing Keys, she has to delve deep into her own ass to try and retrieve some missing keys.  Quite how they found their way up her sexy little ass is a wonder in itself.


I’m seriously not exaggerating when I say she fits her whole fist in her ass.  Her hand has a good rummage around her anal cavity trying to find those lost keys.  Her face shows that she is actually enjoying having her fist foraging around her butthole.  I think she must have practised this technique a few times before.

Not even my doctor has got that far in my arse! That’s probably too much personal information, but I’m just trying to emphasise just how much of her fist is disappeared into her ass.  There’s no other way to describe it but truly astonishing.

I’m pretty sure if you search hard enough, you will find other self fisting videos but I think you will struggle to find one with such a pretty face as Scarlett Chase.  In the excitement, I’ve nearly forgot to say that she is fisting her own ass though the zipper of her denim jeans. Yes, her denim jeans are unfastened from the back that make them so appealing to anal sex fans.

I think we have seen these back zipped denim jeans before.  If I recall correctly, Dee Williams has worn a similar pair of jeans when she got fucked from behind in the laundry room.  I’m not sure what my wife would think if I came home with a pair of these jeans…I’m sure she would realise why I bought them!

Alexis Fawx is such a Prolific MILF Pornstar

If you’re a Brazzers porn site fan then you will know what I mean when I say that Alexis Fawx is such a prolific MILF pornstar.  I’m by no means complaining that there are too many Alexis Fawx porn video being released by Brazzers.  This porn blog post is more of a tribute to just how prolific this hot MILF with big tits from Pennsylvania is.

Alexis Fawx Hard Working PornstarIt seems like there is a new Miss Fawx porn video out every week, or at least 2-3 per month.  I think that Brazzers must have her on speed dial.

Every time they need a hot busty MILF they give her a call and she is always ready and willing to get those big boobs out for another day in front of the Brazzers cameras.

So far in 2021 we have been treated to 13 Alexis Fawx Brazzers videos.  Here are the video titles from Brazzers that Alexis Fawx has starred in so far in 2021 :-

The Shower VoyeurSexpert InterviewSand And Sweat: Part 1 – Sand And Sweat: Part 2 – The Masseuse Gets Massaged Cum Is BlindFawxy LadyFucking Cheater  – Cleaning The College Guy’s CockCafe ChicGamer MILF Gives A TutorialStep-DommeSquat Challenge

We have also been treated to 8 Alexis Fawx Reality Kings porn videos too.

Work Out Or Put Out – Pervy House Sitter Uses The TV – Sweet Sweet Infidelity – My Annoying MILF Stepsister – Creeper Gets Caught And Fucked – Riding Her Laptop – Massage Gun Squirt – Chores Vs. Sex

So is Alexis just looking to take advantage of all these porn video offers to make as much money as possible?  Is she trying to keep herself as busy as possible in 2021 to give herself a well-earned break in 2022?

Nobody would blame her if she is trying to cash in on her prize assets and make as much cash as possible.  I’m sure all the appearances on the top rated porn sites in the world is having a great knock-on affect on her OnlyFans page too!  The more popular she gets, the more OnlyFans subscribers she will generate too.

I’m more than happy to see as many Alexis Fawx porn videos as possible. So I say keep up the good work Miss Fawx and show off that outstanding MILF body as much as you can.

What is your favourite Alexis Fawx porn video of 2021?  Let me know by tweeting me @XXXVideoEditor

Jessica Annelle is a Pornstar on the Rise

On May 17th 2021 I first laid eyes on Jessica Annelle.  Her very first Brazzers porn video was released and I was immediately impressed by her whole package.

jessica annelle in a bikiniJessica Annelle has big tits, a big booty and that sexy fuller figure that is going to make her a pornstar on the rise.  I predict that we will be seeing a hell of a lot more of this stunning brunette babe in the near future.

When I first found her on Twitter, she only had a few thousand followers on Twitter.  But after the release of her Brazzers debut video, her number of followers have sky rocketed!

At the time of writing this blog article about Jessica Annelle her Twitter followers have ballooned to over 19,000 and I predict that that number will continue to increase for a while yet.

Seeing Jessica Annelle in that bright yellow Brazzers bikini is still one of the best model profile photos on the entire Brazzers Network in my opinion.  With those long eye lashes, wonderful boobs and long brown hair, she looks a million dollars.

Jessica Annelle Big Boobs Pornstar

Whilst keeping an eye of her Twitter account, I can see that she is now in the process of creating her own web site.  I have seen a few of her tweets where se is looking for a video editor and a web site designer.  Unfortunately I think I was too late to reply to get given the chance to edit her videos.  I would have really enjoyed editing her personal videos!

So now I am like all the other Jessica Annelle fans, waiting for new content to be released so we can all marvel at that fantastic figure.  Personally I would love to see her in an anal sex scene with those outstanding tits bouncing up and down as much as possible.

If I had to choose which female pornstar I think she should be in a girl on video with, I would choose Angela White.  Having those two busty babes performing together would be a real treat.

Video Editing for OnlyFans

Over the last four to five months I have steadily grown a client base of OnlyFans models.  Video editing for OnlyFans is something that I should have started doing as soon as the OF site took off.  

OnlyFans Video Editing

But with my editing schedule busy editing Fake Taxi and Public Agent videos, I didn’t actually have the time. Now that I have some more free time to edit videos, video editing for OnlyFans models is now something that I can fully commit to.

I have been very fortunate to have already edited some OnlyFans style videos for Elle Brooke.  Because of my vast experience in multicam editing and many, many hours of blurring experience, I was able to edit some of her videos that were a little more complicated to edit for anyone not used to editing with more than one camera angle.  I was also able to blur some number plates and faces that appeared in one of Elle Brooke’s outdoor threesome videos.

I am fully aware that one of the attractions for OnlyFans models and viewers is the amateur nature of the content.  So many accomplished models do not need to have the polished look of a professionally edited video.  But, what I can offer is freeing up time for OF models to concentrate of creating more content and spending less time editing.

I have a very fast internet connection and a large Google Drive account.  Models are able to upload their content to my Google Drive and then download it as soon as I have finished editing it.  If you are looking for a video editor to edit your OnlyFans content, then please feel free to email me – I’ll get back to you very quickly to discuss further.

How I Enjoy Editing Porn Videos with Big Boobs

If you follow me on Twitter, you have probably noticed that I do enjoy editing porn videos with big boobs.  I have been editing porn videos for 10 years and it’s still a real joy to edit an adult video when the female performer(s) have a big pair of tits.

Edining porn videos with big boobs

I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy editing video with pornstars that don’t have big tits, I’m just saying that I prefer a big pair of knockers bouncing on my editing screen.  Premiere Pro look awesome with a massive set of breasts staring back at me.

So who’s big fun bags have remained in my memory of massive melons over the last ten years of porn editing?  Immediately I think of Anissa Kate getting fucked by Public Agent in her tent.

She was spotted fishing next to a lake whilst her husband was sent to the shops.  Anissa Kate exposed her big French whoppers before getting on her knees to suck a strangers huge cock and then spreading her legs for a fuck.

Another great Public Agent big tits scene featured the British bubbly Stella Cox.  she was just minding her own business with this guy offers her plenty of cash to see her big natural boobs.  He captures the moment Stella Cox’s baps came out of her bra perfectly on his handheld camera for all to witness.

I can’t talk about my porn video editing memories without look back at some of the sexy pornstar who have exposed their splendid chests for the perverted taxi driver.  The fantastic Sabien DeMonia have dazzled me with her bouncing boobs.  I have had the pleasure of editing Fake Taxi videos that she has starred in.  Even though her English is a little on the strange side, he huge real tits are great un to watch.

Of course, no blog post about big boobs can be posted without mentioning just how wonderful it is to edit porn videos featuring the wonderful boobs of Josephine Jackson.  she is fully aware that her prize tits are what her fans love to see.  She really knows how to make her juggs bounce when her pussy is busy riding on a big fat cock.

So there we go, just a few memories from my porn editing memory bank.  I think this could be a new blog feature.  Memories of a porn video editor.  If you are looking for a video editor to edit your videos, I am available to hire right now.  Feel free to email me or DM on Twitter.