Editing New Kira Queen Female Fake Taxi


This was the first time I have edited a Kira Queen video.  So when I was tasked with editing her new Female Fake Taxi video, I was obviously delighted.


My first impression, was “oh my god, look at those perfect natural tits”.  They were perfectly positioned in a sexy bra and she sat in the taxi waiting for her passenger.

When her first ever customer got in the backseat, she explained to him that she only spoke in English as she was one in the country for a few weeks.  Taking a job as a taxi driver was helping to pay for her accommodation whilst in Czech Rep.

But what Kira Queen had forgotten was that she had left some sex toys on the floor of the taxi.  So when her male passenger found them, he was very curious. The first toy he picked up was a penis pump.

Miss Queen asked him to put it down, but he was interested in trying it out.  He got his cock out and lubed it up.  Kira then explained that if she could watch him playing with the penis pump, he could have the ride for free.

This was an offer that he could not refuse. He was more than happy to stick his cock in the male sex toy and pump away.   Miss Kira Queen even got her big natural tits out for him to have a feel of.

This new Female Fake Taxi driver, drove to a quiet place and joined her passenger on the back seat where she enjoyed sucking on his rock hard cock.  She does a great job in sucking his knob in POV.

I also really enjoyed editing the parts where her real tits swung underneath her whilst being fucked doggy-style.  I’m really looking forward to editing more Kira Queen Female Fake Taxi video in the future!

Editing Public Agent Kitty Love Video

When I opened up the footage for this Public Agent Kitty Love video I was delighted to see that she was a beautiful, short haired brunette latino.



She was just standing their in the middle of the road looking at an old castle.  It was obvious to see that she was not wearing a bra under her short little black dress.

This new Public Agent video that was released on 15th October, 2019 is set in Spain.  The sun is shinning brightly and is really shows off Kitty’s beautiful smile and curvy body.

The Public Agent approached Miss Love and pretend to be a tour guide.  He offers to take her on a free tour of the historic Spanish castle.  Kitty believes his story and follows him around the old building.

After telling a few false historical facts about the castle, Public Agent pulls out a large amount of cash form his pocket and offers it to Kitty Love as part of some kind of community assistance offer.

In return Kitty would need to give his cock a suck.  She agrees to take the cash and suck on his big fat cock. But when they are caught by a castle security guard they had to move to a more secluded location.

I really enjoyed seeing Kitty Love naked.  When she is riding cowgirl, her body and medium sized tits look great in the Spanish sunshine.

If you are a sucker for brunette latina’s then you will instantly fall in love with Kitty love.  She really has the whole package when it come to cute brunette latina’s.

I’m already looking forward to seeing plenty more of Kitty Love in action.  Maybe we will see her in a Fake Driving School of Fake Taxi video in the very near future.

Ginebra Bellucci Fake Driving School

It was an absolute pleasure editing this Ginebra Bellucci Fake Driving School porn video.  The first 10 minutes of the full video are a real credit to Ginebra and the whole FAKEhub production crew.


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The scenario of this video called Ginebra Bellucci and The Hangover, is that the fake driving instructor has a huge hangover after a party the night before.  The scene open up with him sat in his orange learner car looking like shit.

He struggles to drive the car to the pick up point where he picks up the beautiful Spanish babe Ginebra Bellucci.  As she gets in the car, she can tell that something is not quite right about the instructor.

It’s only when he starts to explain and breaths on her that she realises that he has a heavy hangover.  She doesn’t worry too much about it because surely a driving instructor would be able to drive with a hangover, right?

Wrong.  He struggles to keep the car on the straight and narrow.  Miss Bellucci gets thrown around on the front seat and occasionally banging her head against the window.

His erratic driving attracts attention from other road users.  There is a great couple of sequences where he gets into confrontation with other drivers.  It’s porn comedy gold.

Finally the instructor has to confess to needing some sleep before carrying on any further.  He lays the driver seat down and tries to get some sleep, leaving Ginebra to just sit and wait for him to sleep it all off.

But of course, once the instructor notices his Spanish students sexy body, there is no way he is going to be able to sleep.  He casually gets his cock out and starts masturbating.

When Ginebra Bellucci finally turns around and sees the instructors big cock, she give no hesitation and starts deep-throating for all she is worth.

I was really impressed with how sexy Ginebra Belluicci is.  She looks like a bundle of fun and her facial expressions during the comedy where really good.

You really need to check out her sexy ass twerking as she gets fucked doggystyle in the driving instructors front seat.

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Editing the Ginebra Bellucci Public Agent Video

Here we have the Ginebra Bellucci Public Agent Video that I edited for FAKEhub.  I was really delighted to be editing such a pretty face.


The main storyline to this new Public Agent video is that Ginebra Bellucci is a Ariana Grande look a like.  The Public Agent is trying to convince Ginebra Bellucci that she could be a body double for the famous pop star in a new music video.


If only I could edit a Ariana Grande sex tape!  Well this is going to be the closest I am going to get.  Whether you think that Miss Bellucci looks like her or not, this Public Agent video will certainly leave you with that fantasy in your mind.

As soon as Ariana Grande’s name is mentioned, I just have her face in my mind.  It was fun editing this Latina Celebrity Look a Like Fucked video whilst pretending is WAS Miss Grande.

So when Ginebra Bellucci finally accepted the fact that she needed to fuck this guy to be in a pop video, I just pictures Ariana’s face during the POV blowjob.

I have been editing a lot of sexy Latina girls recently.  I know…it’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.  What I have found is that they all love to twerk on cock.  I think every Latina that has appeared on my editing screen over the passed 3-4 weeks has given a great example of how to twerk on a big cock.

Ginebra Bellucci gets fucked in an abandoned warehouse after accepting cash and the promise of appearing in a Ariana Grande music video.  She gives and awesome POV blowjob and she also breaks into orgasm whilst having her Latina pussy licked.

If you like petite Latina brunettes who can twerk, you’ll love this latest Public Agent video from FAKEhub.  I know I fucking did!

Editing the Petite Princess Eve Fake Taxi Video

This is the first time that I have ever seen Petite Princess Eve.  In fact, I have to say I have never heard of Petite Princess Eve until I saw her name on my editing schedule.



So you can imagine how happy I was to see that she had a pair of big titties on her.  It wasn’t until I stared to edited this Fake Taxi porn video that it became obvious that Petite Princess Eve is relatively new to the adult business.

In this Big Breasted Blonde Euro MILF Fake Taxi HD video, she falls for John’s London taxi tradition storyline. He has used this chat up technique to get into plenty of women’s knicker’s during his time driving his London taxi.

He explains to her that it is traditional if a woman is travelling in a London taxi for the first time, that he must give her the ride for free.  BUT only if she flashes her tits for him.  In this video, John goes one step further and also asks to see her European pussy.  She was game.  She had no problem in flashing all her bits and pieces for the chance of a free ride.

Petite Princess Eve turns the table on John the taxi driver and asks to see his cock.  When she see’s the legendary Bishop, she has to have a taste of it.  John takes her to a quiet place that he knows where he gets to fuck this hot blonde European MILF.

They fuck in the back of the taxi.  There is a tremendous titty wank sequence that was a delight to edit.  Her massive tits easily wrap around Johns long white cock.  I’m really hoping to see more of Petite Princess Eve.  Maybe she will appear in some more FAKEhub reality porn videos very soon…

Fake Taxi Shona River Anal Sex HD Video

Fake Taxi Shona River Anal


I had the great pleasure in editing this hot Fake Taxi Shona River anal sex HD video. Shona has one of the sexiest bodies that has ever graced the backseat of the legendary Fake Taxi.

So when I realised that this was going to be an Shona River anal sex video, it made editing this feature length Fake Taxi anal sex video a real delight.

I had made Shona River a deal, and it was finally time to collect: we had agreed that if I took her on holiday to Majorca, she’d let me fuck her pretty little arsehole!

Here’s the official Fake Taxi Shona River scene description, written by the real Fake Taxi driver.

She was on the phone with her mum bragging when I drove up, so I pranked her and said I couldn’t get the tickets. It worked! She freaked out! I’m hilarious, aren’t I? I laughed as I pulled the tickets out, and she offered to give me a blowjob as a reward.

I brought her into the front seat and she sucked my cock, then I pulled over and she sat her arse on my cock. I fucked her arse and her pussy, it was heavenly! After she sucked my cock and gave me a rimjob, she wanked me off to a huge cumshot.

Sliding Into Madison’s DMs Madison Ivy HD


Sliding Into Madison’s DMs is a new Brazzers HD porn video starring Madison Ivy and Xander Corvus.  It was produced for the Pornstars Like it Big web site.

Madison Ivy wakes up from a steamy dream and wants to keep the action going. She decides to give her loyal fans a special treat, putting on a show for them as she strips and touches her luscious tits and wet pussy while livestreaming.

In Sliding Into Madison’s DMs, Madison’s screen is flooded with comments, but one superfan’s username in particular catches her eye. Xander Corvus is the superfan in question, and after watching Madison perform, he musters up the balls to send her a DM.

Madison can’t help but feel charmed by Xander’s words, and stuns him when she gives him her address! Xander is about to live out the fantasy of every Madison Ivy fan: getting the chance to fuck the pornstar of his dreams!

ALSO NEW FROM BRAZZERS is The Bitchy Babysitter starring Honour May and Danny D.  This hot British pornstar makes her Brazzers debut in a Baby Got Boobs porn video.


Hottie Honour May is just your typical bad girl babysitter, putting the boys to sleep early so she can get herself off on the job.

Unfortunately, her fun comes to a screeching halt when their father, Danny D, comes home early. Honour won’t budge until she gets paid, so Danny pulls a big wad of cash out of his wallet and gives her the chance to earn some real cash with her perky tits and tight pussy.


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Jaye Rose FakeTaxi Classic Episode

Jaye Rose in one of the very first classic Fake Taxi porn videos.  As a Fake Taxi porn video editor, I sometimes have to revisit old Fake Taxi scenes to export for other platforms or VOD sites. 


Today I was asked to prepare some of the very early FakeTaxi videos.  This brought the classic Jaye Rose FakeTaxi episode to my attention.  Jaye Rose appeared in one of the very first episodes of, this now, iconic porn site.  Who could forget her sitting in the back of the taxi wearing a tight white t-shirt and a short yellow shirt.

Released on March 6th 2013, the scene was called Redhead Gives Cabbie The Titfuck Of His Life.  With those beautiful boobs, a tit-wank was always going be the order of the day in this scene.

As the scene progresses, you realise that Miss Rose is not wearing any panties.  All you can see is her legs covered in fishnet stockings going all the way up to her exposed shaven pussy.

For me personally, it’s her Welsh accent that keeps me glued to watching this scene.  I fucking love the Welsh accent.  In that sexy accent she pulls out one of my all-time favourite lines from any FakeTaxi video…I can see you checking out my crack and my rack from that mirror of yours“.

It’s cracking lines like that, that has made FakeTaxi one of the most popular porn sites in the world today.  But obviously that episode would not be complete if there was not any actual fucking involved.

The FakeTaxi driver takes Jaye to a secluded spot for some backseat taxi fucking.  Those awesome pair of tits are whipped out and the infamous London taxi driver is all over them like a rash…and who can blame him.  They will go down as one of the best pair of boobs to be seen in a FakeTaxi sex video.

You also get to see Jaye Rose bent over the back seat in a doggy-style position and fucked hard by the driver’s big cock.  With her big tits swing under her and those sexy black fish net stocking on, she is a sight to behold.

Even though this video is now over 5 years old, it still goes down as one of my all time favourites.

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What was the First FakeTaxi Video Ever?

My Favourite Public Agent Big Boobs that I have Edited

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What was the First FakeTaxi Video Ever?

I think this question will one day be part of a pub quiz,  What was the First FakeTaxi Video Ever Made?  So I thought I’d try and answer it the best way I can.

I actually edited the first five FakeTaxi porn videos ever to be recorded.  They were all Czech FakeTaxi scenes.  Unfortunately I was asked to start editing another brand just before the British FakeTaxi video were recorded.

To be honest, there was a batch of ten Fake Taxi videos that were released when the site was launched back in October 2012.  They were a mixture of London and Czech Fake Taxi scenes.

But if you want to answer the question correctly, then you will probably need to go with a scene called FakeTaxi Expensive Bill Means Gorgeous Brunette Has To Fuck And Suck.  According to the members area on FakeHub, this was the first scene released on October 1st, 2012.


But I believe that when Fake Taxi was originally released on it’s own, there was a bunch of ten videos released on the same launch day.  Now FakeTaxi is part of the FAKEhub Network.

The British pornstars that appeared in the first batch of Fake Taxi videos were, Lucia Love, Alyssa Devine, Ava Dalush and Samantha Bentley.