A Blind Cum Tasting Test Tina Princess

A Blind Cum Tasting Test
Tina Princess and Public Agent

A Blind Cum Tasting Test


Like any typical weekday, I jerked off into a glass, then scooped it out with a syringe. I hit the street, and found this gorgeous blonde named Tina Princess. I told her I was with an upstart juice company and we were offering free taste tests – and better yet, guessing the flavour properly earned you 100 euro per sip!

Tina easily recognised orange and watermelon, and finally, I pulled out the syringe. I squirted the cum into her mouth, and her reaction surprised me: she wanted more sperm, and asked to give me a blowjob so she could get it right from the source. We headed back to my place where she sucked my dick, then she shook her big tits and tattooed booty for me. I fucked Tina’s wet pussy doggystyle and then in spoon, then she jerked me off for a second helping of hot load!