A Bro To Help A Ho Nikita Reznikova, JMac

A Bro To Help A Ho
Nikita Reznikova, JMac


When JMac received a frantic phone call from his best friend, he presumed it would be something to do with debt.  But when he arrived at his buddies house, he saw him with a bandage around his cock.  He explained that his girlfriend Nikita Reznikova had been too rough with his dick.  Nikita loves to be fucked hard and fast but this time she went a little too far.

Jmac was there to help satisfy this hot babe from Miami.  She is only making her 2nd Brazzers appearance, but in A Bro To Help A Ho she looks so elegant, but slutty at the same time.  Dressed in a very short silky black skirt and purple bra, Miss Reznikova gleefully looks at JMac’s cock and can’t wait to get to work on it.