A Naughty Nuru Massage – Luna Star and Azul Hermosa

A Naughty Nuru Massage starring Luna Star and Azul Hermosa

A Naughty Nuru Massage

Brazzers have managed to bring these to hot stunning beauties together for a outstanding lesbian nuru massage video.  Azul Hermosa is in desperate need of a relaxing massage after a very stressful couple of days.  Luna Star is the perfect masseur to perform a full body massage on her stunning body.


In the opening moments of this girl on girl A Naughty Nuru Massage video we find Azul Hermosa totally naked and waiting for her massage.  She is very comfortable to be naked in another women’s presence.  She has a flawless body so she is very confident indeed.  Luna starts her massage just wearing a short pair of panties and a cleavage revealing bra.

In A Naughty Nuru Massage, as the massage progresses, Azul lets out a few moans on pleasure. Luna’s magical hands are doing a wonderful job.  It’s when Luna’s expert hands slide over Azul’s sexy ass that Azul confesses to being really turned on by Luna’s massage technique.  This was music to Luna’s ears.  She has been hoping that she could have sex with this hot woman on her massage table.

What follows is a steamy girl on girl oily nuru massage porn video that will satisfy all the Luna Star fans and the growing army of Azul Hermosa admirers.  These two dark haired beauties get each other covered n massage oil and perform all the lesbian sex acts that they can think of.

In A Naughty Nuru Massage, they get each other so slippery and wet that I feel sorry for whoever has the task of cleaning up the set once they are finished giving each other female orgasms.  There are some great shots of Luna Star sliding her big tits up and down Azul’s body.  I also enjoyed seeing Luna fingering her own tight little Latina asshole too.

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