A New Sitter in Town GirlsWay

Haley Spades, a sitter, is minding she is visited by Jane Rogers and Gizelle Blanco, who are likewise sitters. Jane and Gizelle are NOT HAPPY and welcome themselves inside to talk. They are rivals stressed over rivalry, asserting that Haley is poaching their customers. They need Haley to STOP watching the region.

A New Sitter in Town

Yet, Haley isn’t bothered at all by their essence. All things considered, she becomes roused and inconspicuously begins setting Jane and Gizelle in opposition to one another. In A New Sitter in Town, that is when Jane and Gizelle begin quarreling, each professing to be the better sitter. The more they quarrel, the more Haley fills the flares!


The mounting strain at last prompts Jane and Gizelle getting into a nasty squabble and tearing each other’s garments. At seeing two attractive women ripping their garments off, made up for lost time seemingly out of the blue, Haley becomes stimulated.

During A New Sitter in Town, agreeably amazed by the heightening, she urges Jane and Gizelle to kiss since it’s OBVIOUS they have some TENSION to work out. Obviously, when Jane and Gizelle FINALLY get onto what Haley’s doing, they say that they’ll let her join IF she gets off their turf!