A Quickie While She Cleans Lexi Luna

A Quickie While She Cleans
Xander Corvus and Lexi Luna

A Quickie While She Cleans

When it comes to making a list of my top rated MILF pornstars, Lexi Luna would feature very heavily!  I’m always so impressed by just how sexy Lexi Luna’s MILF body is.  In Brazzers A Quickie While She Cleans we once again get a great view of her outstanding figure.  I can only presume that she works out everyday to keep that fantastic body in such great shape.


In A Quickie While She Cleans sees Lexi playing the role of an obedient sexy house wife who enjoys spending her day pleasing her husband.  She cooks and cleans and does her best sexually to keep him happy.  But unfortunately for Lexi, her husband does not return the favours.  He is a lazy arse that just enjoys having a wife that jumps every time he calls.

Lexi Luna Gets Fucked as She Cleans the Kitchen

In bed all he likes to do is get Lexi on her back and fuck her missionary style until he cums inside her.  There is no excitement at all.  The only thing this guy has going for him, is that he has plenty of money that Miss Luna enjoys spending.

But in A Quickie While She Cleans,  what Lexi’s husband is not aware of is that to spice up her life, Lexi has been cheating on him for months.  She needed somebody to satisfy her craving for bigger cock.  She had reached a certain age when she realised that she was never going to be sexually satisfied with her husbands average sized cock.  So when her neighbour Xander Corvus started flirting with her, she took full advantage.

The sexual relationship between Lexi and Xander took a wild turn when Xander started visiting the house in secret just to fuck Lexi.  But n this one occasion, even Lexi though they took things too far.  Xander came in to the house while Lexi was doing the cleaning, but he still wanted to fuck her…even though her husband was in the other room.

In A Quickie While She Cleans, wearing the shortest red squirt, Lexi looks as sexy as fuck.  Every time slightly bends over, we all get a perfect glimpse of her perfect ass and pussy.  It’s far too much for Xander to ignore.  He doesn’t care that Lexi Luna’s husband is watching TV in the other room, he was still going to fuck her in the kitchen.

As soon as Xander sticks his fingers into her pussy, Lexi is ready to fuck. It’s not long before her pussy is wet and eager to be filled by Xander’s youthful and big cock.  Xander Corvus and Lexi Luna fuck each other hard and fast on the kitchen floor.  There are some fantastic shots of Lexi Luna’s ass bouncing up and down on Xander’s big cock.

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