A Test of Loyalty – Pure Taboo

A Test of Loyalty – Pure Taboo
Paige Owens, Victoria Voxxx and Whitney Wright


Paige Owens chats with her fiancee, Victoria Voxxx, who is browsing on her phone like always. Because Victoria Voxxx is so sociable, it’s often cause for arguments, and today is no exception. Paige Owens is suspicious that Victoria Voxxx is cheating but Victoria Voxxx assures her for the millionth time that she can trust her. They’re going to be MARRIED soon and Victoria Voxxx claims she’d NEVER hurt Paige Owens like that. Even so, Paige Owens’s insecurities nag at her as her imagination runs wild…


In A Test of Loyalty, a few days later, as Victoria Voxxx swings by a cafe to grab a coffee, she’s stunned as she runs into an old ex, Whitney Wright. Victoria Voxxx’s immediately remorseful, apologizing for how their relationship ended on such bad terms, and Whitney Wright is touched. Although Whitney Wright’s been hurt, she’s thankful for the apology and offers the chance for them to enjoy a coffee and catch up.

During A Test of Loyalty, as they chat, an old flame seems to be rekindled between them, even as Victoria Voxxx reveals her upcoming marriage to Paige Owens. Even so, when Whitney Wright starts to turn on the charm, inviting Paige Owens back to her loft, Victoria Voxxx is unable to say no. How can she when Whitney Wright brings up that them meeting again like this HAS to be fate? Surely Paige Owens will never find out, right?

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