A Wet And Oily Massage Phoenix Marie

A Wet And Oily Massage
Phoenix Marie, Small Hands

In her latest Brazzers porn video, we get to see Phoenix Marie in a swimsuit.  I’m not sure whether to call it a bikini or not, but it sure is very sexy.   There are a few clips in the trailer where you get to see her nipples poking through the zip up top.  Miss Marie is swimming in a private indoor pool at her favourite luxury spa.


A Wet And Oily Massage she enjoys relaxing at this luxury spa because she knows she can get a full naked body massage by one of their hunky masseurs.  She just clicks her fingers and one of the eager masseurs will come running.

Phoenix Marie unzips her bikini top to reveal those massive MILF tits of hers.  She always insists on being massaged totally naked because she knows that she will get fucked at the same time.  Not one masseur has been able to not to resist rubbing his hands all over her big booty and fabulous big boobs.

In A Wet And Oily Massage it new Masseur Small Hands who gets to have a go at resisting Miss Marie’s hot body.  But within a few minutes, the lure of that great ass overwhelms him and he’s get his massaging hands rubbing sensual massage oil all over her round ass.

The background is of a swimming pool. The wall shows a painted scene of a tropical destination with palm trees, green mountains and golden sands. To the right of the painting there is a window with a black frame and to the left, two rectangular windows with a black frame also and they are showing a neon blue light.

During A Wet And Oily Massage, in the right hand corner there is a big green plant. There are two ceiling fans with brown fans and a bright light in the middle. Phoenix Marie stands in the swimming pool, it has a blue mosaic rim and is quite large.

The water is light blue and has a rippling motion. The Miss Marie wears a red bikini top, with a sip in the middle and thick straps. One hand is placed on her neck and her other arm droops into the water. Her hair is messily pulled back and blonde and she is wearing heavy eye makeup, dark shadow and false lashes.

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