Advanced Anal Stretching Yoga Kenzie Reeves

Advanced Anal Stretching Yoga

Advanced Anal Stretching Yoga
Steve Holmes, Kenzie Reeves

Oh thank you sweet god of porn.  Seeing the sex Kenzie Reeves bending over during yoga is a must see.  Not only do we get to see this hot sexy blonde babe in yoga pants, but in Brazzers Advanced Anal Stretching Yoga, we also get to see her being fucked hard in the arse by Steve Holmes.

Kenzie Reeves loves to take up the entire living room for her daily yoga, even going so far as to block her stepdad, Steve Holmes, from watching TV. What Steve doesn’t know about Kenzie’s yoga, though, is that she likes to stick a vibrating remote-controlled butt plug underneath her tights.


In an effort to finally get Steve’s attention, Kenzie hides the TV remote, leaving her remote control in plain sight. When Steve starts to press the remote, Kenzie’s yoga morphs into leg-shaking orgasms. Steve can’t help himself, so he investigates the cause by feeling up Kenzie’s ass and ripping her tights to find the butt plug.

After a tease and some ass worship, Steve whips out his massive cock and fills Kenzie’s tight ass with every inch. Instead of some mindfulness yoga, Kenzie gets her stretching in by taking an ass-full of cock.

What a great ass fucking video.  I’ve been a big fan of Kenzie Reeves ever since I edited a Property Sex video where she sat on a fucking huge cock!

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