Alexis For Breakfast with Keiran Lee and Alexis Tae

Alexis For Breakfast with Keiran Lee and Alexis Tae

Alexis For Breakfast

We find the gorgeous Alexis Tae preparing some breakfast.  She is wearing a short yellow silky slip and is getting her eggs ready to whisk.  Her tiny pair of blue panties barely cover her cute little ass.  Alexis is getting this all prepared to surprise her boyfriend with breakfast in bed.  What she doesn’t realise is that her boyfriends perverted father, Keiran Lee, has been watching her.


Keiran asks her what she is doing up so early in the morning.  She explains that she just wants to so a nice gesture for her boyfriend.  But she has not realised that her BF has already left the house for work.  So she is all alone in the house with Keiran Lee.  So will the cooked breakfast go to waste or will she offer it up on a plate for her BF’s dad?

Of course, she offers it to Keiran on a plate…and not only the breakfast.  Alexis Tae is at her most horny in the morning and she was hoping the cooked breakfast would be rewarded with a hard morning fuck.  So her wet pussy is going to waste.  When Keiran starts to compliment her on her sexy little ass, her mind was made up, she was going to fuck her boyfriends dad in the breakfast table.

While Keiran continues to eat his cooked breakfast, Alexis goes under the table and sucks his cock.  This is her breakfast.  There’s nothing better than a big cock in her mouth.  She craves cock every morning and Keiran’s cock is far bigger than her boyfriends, so she is going to get her appetite fore-filled.

Keiran Lee waste no time at all in eating his breakfast and then eating Alexis Tae’s wet, cock hungry, young pussy.  She buries his face in her pussy juice just after she treats him to a morning rimjob.

The final scene of Alexis For Breakfast see’s Alexis Tae with a full load of Keiran Lee’s spunk all over her face.

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