Alura TNT Jenson The Master

Alura TNT Jenson The Master

Alura TNT Jenson The Master
With Zac Wild

It’s time for more Brazzers Games.  This time it’s Alura TNT Jenson The Master that you will be enjoying over a hard wank.  Alura has those fucking massive tits covered by a Karate outfit.  Did you know that she is a Brazzers blackbelt in martial arts?

Alura found Zac wild to be an easy match up.  Zac was too busy trying to catch a glimpse of Alura’ big tits and lost all concentration.  Maybe that’s why Alura has become a black belt so quickly.  Maybe all her opponents are distracted by her sexy tits poking through.


When Alura made mince meat out of Zac Wild, she noticed that his cock was semi hard and making a bulge in his Karate kit.  In xAlura TNT Jenson The Master, Alura also felt horny about a Karate bout so she was in the mood for a fuck.  As soon as the referee left the arena, ALura grabbed Zac’s cock and told him to get on the floor and lick her wet sweaty pussy.

Zac loves sweaty pussy.  He often fantasised about licking gym bunny pussy.  He loves to watch hot babes in the gym and wish that he could fuck them in the locker rooms after their workout.

ALura sat on Zacs face unitl she had her first orgasm.  She then whipped of her kit to leave herself totally naked and waiting for Zac’s big cock to slide into her pussy.  In Alura TNT Jenson The Master, Zac was mora than happy to lose his Brazzers Games bout, as he now had the ultimate prize…Alura TNT Jenson’s big tits all up in his face.

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