Amanda Gets Dick starring Curvy Amanda Nicole

amanda gets dick

Amanda Gets Dick
Amanda Nicole

Oh yes, thank the porn gods for yet another Brazzers debut porn video.  this time we have the curvy Amanda Nicole showing off her fantastic big tits and big ass in a Brazzers video called Amanda Gets Dick.  Wow, Amanda looks so fucking sexy in just her green bra and panty set.  Amanda Nicole has a beautiful look cleavage and great looking round bouncy booty…perfect!

With her boyfriend shattered after working out at the gym all morning, Amanda finds herself having to be begged to be fucked.  With her cleavage on show and wearing a tiny pair of shorts, I’m flabbergasted to see her boyfriend turning down her persistent sexual advances.  Miss Nicole is just gagging for cock and really wants her cock hungry pussy fucked hard, but her boyfriend continues to decline her come to bed eyes.


But Amanda Nicols is not going to give up that easily.  She runs off into her bedroom in a tantrum.  She pretends to be really angry.  The house is silent for a brief moment before she starts screaming from the bedroom.  In Amanda Gets Dick, Her boyfriend goes rushing in to find out what is happening, but just find Amanda laying on the bed in her green underwear looking as sexy as fuck.  To my shock and horror, he still fucking declines fucking this busty, curving sexy fox!

But, this being a Brazzers porn video, we eventually see some sex.  What would be the point of just seeing a sexy babe continuously begging for cock.  Her boyfriends breaking point is when Amanda rolls over to show off her big ass in a green thong.  Finally, her boyfriend crumbles at the sight of her amazing ass shaking in front of his big cock.  I can’t blame him.  There is not enough will power in the world to resist such a great looking ass put on a plate for him.

In Brazzers Amanda Gets Dick, we then finally, get to see Amanda Nicole getting her pussy fucked in many sexual positions.  She likes to be fucked hard and fast, and gets just what she desires.

I’m already a fan of this beautiful, curvaceous pornstar.  I am a sucker for big tits and ass, and she certainly ticks those boxes for me.  We will all get to see her full length Brazzers debut on November 6th, 2020.

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