Anal Sex Taxi Rides in a London Taxi

As a video editor for Fake Taxi I have seen many great anal sex taxi rides in the last 6 years.  I have edited 100’s of Fake Taxi videos so here is a quick selection of my most recent favourite Fake Taxi anal sex video.


I have put together some of my most memorable anal sex taxi video that I can remember, just by browsing through the Fake Taxi achieves on FAKEhub.

anal sex taxi rides liza billberry

Liza Billberry – This was a great Easter themed porn video.  This hot babe (Liza Billberry is all dressed up as the Easter bunny and on her way to a party.  She has a pair of wonderful tits and her whole body is absolutely stunning.

As I started to edit this Fake Taxi porn video, is soon began to realise that this was going to be a hardcore anal sex taxi video.  I was not expecting her to take this big cock in her arse.   She took a massive British penis deep into her arse with not problem.

This is a treat for all fans of Liza Billberry.  Not only do we get to see her amazing tits, but we get to see her wonderful arsehole being stretched to it’s limit.

anal sex taxi rides amber deen

Amber Deen – This Scottish blonde anal lover is picked up from the roadside and explained that she wanted to pay for her taxi fare by being fucked in the arse.  the taxi driver tried to explain that he no longer fucked his passengers in the arse, but it didn’t take too long for Amber Deen to change his mind.

I really liked watching Amber Deen lower her arsehole on to the taxi driver big bellend.  Seeing his cock disappear deep into Amber’s sexy Scottish asshole was a real treat for me as a full time porn video editor.

anal sex taxi rides shona river

Shona River – OMG Shona River has one of the best asses that I have had the pleasure in editing.  If she had big tits, then she would be one of my favourite pornstars.  She is a stunning pornstar from Hungary who loves cock in her arse.

In this Shona River anal Fake Taxi video, she is on her way to the airport but she wants to get fucked in the arse one last time before she returns to Hungary.  The taxi driver is only more than happy to perform his duty and fuck her sweet arsehole in his taxi.

Dildo in her arse

Barbie Sins – Miss Sins is one of the hot British blonde pornstars who I love seeing on my porn editing schedule.  She is a such a pro.  Editing her anal sex videos is relatively straight forward because she knows what she is doing and performs to the highest standards.

In this Barbie Sins anal sex video, she gets her arsehole stretched by a big double ended dildo and the taxi drivers cock as well.  she was on her way to see a sissy boy client but she had forgotten to have her arsehole stretched before she left.

Taxi arse sex

Tanya Virgo – This beautiful Russian short blonde haired Russian babe loves cock in her arse.  In her previous taxi video, Tanya Virago had promised to one day let the taxi driver fuck her arse, but I never thought she’d actually go through with it!

Tanya showed off her little arsehole and teased the London taxi driver by playing with herself on the backseat.  She is a real hot Russian that will take a big cock in her arse all the way down to the balls!

Louise Lee anal fucking

Louise Lee – To be honest i never thought I would ever see the day when cute British blonde pornstar Louise Lee would get fucked in the arse.  I always enjoy editing her videos.  She always bring her own personality to the screen and is good at giving and taking on screen banter.

In the Fake Taxi video, she explains that she needs some help in getting her arsehole stretched.  She is dating a driving instructor who wants to fuck her arse also.  So she turns to the Fake Taxi driver who she has heard is very good at getting women prepared for anal sex.