Asian Pornstar with Anal Beads Pulled out of her Arse

Hot Asian pornstar Vina Sky has some silver anal beads pulled out of her arse in a new Brazzers porn advert that is going the rounds on tube sites such as PornHub.


Danny see can be seen taking great delight in presenting anal beads to Vina Sky’s father.  Danny thinks he is making an offer of good will in front of his girlfriends father, but he couldn’t of been more wrong.

So when Vina’s father left the house with astonishment, there was only one thing left to do…use the anal beads.  Vina’s arse gleefully accepted the beads into her sweet little ass.  Every bead slipped perfectly into her butthole.

When Danny D pulled them out, it leave Miss Sky with a beautifully gapped ass.  You can see all the way down her anal passage.    Brazzers describe Vina Sky as an anal addict.  In The Gape That Keeps On Giving you can just how much she loves taking anything in her ass.

This is the 5th Brazzers porn video that Vina has starred in.  She is fast becoming one of Brazzers most popular Asian pornstars that is performing for them.