Baby Nicols Gets Fucked In Bed

Baby Nicols Gets Fucked In Bed

Baby Nicols Gets Fucked In Bed
Baby Nicols and Sean

I remember a few years ago, opening a zip file containing my next editing assignment for Public Agent.  Scanning through the footage, I stumbled across one of the best examples of twerking I had ever seen.  The sexy twerking ass belonged to Latina, Baby Nicols.  It was one if he best Public Agent video that I have edited.   Baby Nicols has got one hell of a sexy body!

So imagine my please when I visited the upcoming scene on the Brazzers web site and saw that she is starring in her very first Brazzers porn video.  It’s about time that this sexy Latina babe from Venezuela get her ass showcased in a Brazzers video.  I’m sure all the Brazzers fans will love her ass.  Although one of the top trending porn search terms is ‘big ass’, I’m sure that her tight firm little butt will be a pleasure to watch, all the same.

In this Brazzers Self-Isolation video called Baby Nicols Gets Fucked In Bed, we find Baby Nicols with her hands down her lacey panties and trying to make herself cum. She often resorts to masturbating as he pussy is in constant need of cock.  As she strokes her tight pussy, she joyfully feels the wondering hands of her lover, Sean caressing her ass from behind.  Sean is making the most of just being able to get his hands over that amazing Latina ass.

Baby Nicols Twerks and Fucks

As the trailer progresses we finally get to see what I saw a few years ago, we get to see that fantastic ass twerking in front of her lovers face.  With her panties still on and riding up deep into her arse crack, it’s a fucking wonderful sight!

During Baby Nicols Gets Fucked In Bed, Sean is unable to resist just pulling those panties to sone site and burying his face into her arsehole.  I was wondering how long he would resist that amazing little ass.  He slides a finger into her wet pussy and the look of satisfaction on Baby Nicols face is there for all to see.

Sean is then treated to a sloppy blowjob.  Her sweet mouth gets wrapped around his medium sized cock.  Yes, it is a refreshing change to see an average size cock rather than a monster cock in a Brazzers video.  This feels like a very natural and genuine love making porn video.

Finally we get to see what I think everyone is anticipating…we get to see Baby Nicols twerking all over Sean’s cock.  From behind, we watch the Latin babe riding cowgirl and shaking her ass like crazy in a bid to cum all over Sean’s cock.

To round off this Latina Brazzers video called Baby Nicols Gets Fucked In Bed, we also witness some awesome POV doggy-style and even some squirting pussy juice.  The only thing that lets this new Baby Nicols video down slightly, is the choice of background music.  I think it would have sounded better using the instrumental version rather than with vocals.

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