Big Boob Models on Twitter with OnlyFans

Big Boob Models

There are so many big boob models on Twitter right now.  I’m certainly not complaining at all.  The more the merrier I say.  My time line every morning is full of hot models with big boobs showing off their prize assist for free.

Take a look at the Dana Hamm.  A stunning model with big boobs on Twitter – Highly recommended you follow her!

A lot of the sexy models with sexy big tits are using Twitter to promote their OnlyFans pages.  What better way to get guys and girl interested in paying money to see more than by teasing them with some raunchy boob photos on their Twitter accounts.

What I’m starting to wonder is what happens if Twitter decide to start clamping don on nudity on their social media platform.  how would that affect the OnlyFans models who rely on their Twitter account to drive traffic and potential members to OnlyFans.

I guess one way would be to just use non nude photos.  But knowing the Instagram clamp down on any model who even suggests that they be selling topless or nudes video OnlyFans are getting their accounts suspended, would this be a tactic that Twitter uses?

Imagine being employed by Twitter to scan accounts looking for tits and arse all day.  what a job that would be.  That would be a dream job that would rival my job in terms of dream jobs.

Lexi Lure
Lexi Lure Twitter account photo

I’ve come across a few new models who have a great pair of tits and I believe are doing very well with their OnlyFans pages.

Lexi Luxe currently has over 20,000 followers on Twitter and has recently been nominated for Clip Girl of the Year.  An award set up for girls like Lexi who can use their own original content and covert it into quality advertising.

So Twitter seems to be the most common way to advertise for big boob models.  Take Twitter away, and how would they generate fans?  Certainly not on YouTube or Instagram.  Both of those social media platforms hate a nipple on show.  Maybe other platforms will spring up allowing nudity.  But I feel any new social media platform with always be put under pressure to police their platforms by governments.