Blindfolded Cheater Tru Kait

blindfolded cheater

Blindfolded Cheater
Angelo Godshack, Tru Kait

Haha, a great storyline set up here for Brazzers Blindfolded Cheater.  The sexy Tru Kait is a sexually frustrated housewife, looking to spice up her sex life.  She decides that the best way forward for her is to use a dating app for sex only.  Tru Kait is not interested in leaving her husband, as she loves him dearly, but she does need more cock in her pussy.

When she started searching through the dating app, she is alarmed to see that her husband is also on the app. Why is her husband, Angelo Godshack, also looking for other people to fuck?  Maybe she has also neglected the role between the sheets.


In Blindfolded Cheater, Miss Kait comes up with a great plan.  She decides to arrange a meeting with her husband in a hotel but not telling him that it is her that will be meeting him. She tells him that she wants him to be wearing a blindfold when she arrives as she does not want to give away her identity.

Angelo GodShack agrees to these demands as he has seen Tru’s amazing body on the app, with her face blurred and is happy to be given the chance to fuck that amazing body.  So if he has to be blindfolded, it thought it’s a small price to pay to get his cock in her sweet looking pussy.

When she arrives, she find her unsuspecting husband laying on the bed in the hotel room. He has kept to his word and is wearing a blindfold.  Tru Kait enters the room and doesn’t say a word.  She just slowly undresses herself and begins to rub Angelo’s growing cock.

The sex in this Brazzers Blindfolded Cheater is very in tense.  These two pornstars go hard and fast with each other to produce a stunning face paced sex scene.   Tru Kait certainly has the perfect body for this porn video and Angelo definitely has the sexual stamina to fuck Miss Kait all night long.

The final scene of this top porno, sees Tru Kait handcuffing her cheating husband to the bed and walking out of the hotel room.  I would love to find out how Angelo Godshack explained his way out of this sticky situation.

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