Blindfolded Fantasy Angela White and Keiran Lee

Blindfolded Fantasy

Blindfolded Fantasy
Angela White and Keiran Lee

I’m really hoping that this new Angela White porn video goes viral.  I have a funny feeling that it will.  Her massive Australian tits are a huge turn on for all us big tit fans.  I have been following her on Twitter and really love the way that she embraces the fact that she has gigantic tits.

In Blindfolded Fantasy we have the pleasure of watching her getting fucked by Keiran Lee.  The opening few frames show Miss White playing with some sheer black material and looking at us with those beautiful eyes.  Brazzers waste no time bothering to tit tease us.  We get to see Angela White topless very quickly.  There’s no messing about.


The slow motion is a great introduction to Blindfolded Fantasy video.  I really like how they have done it.  There is a seductive feel to it.  We quickly notice that the big breasted Australian mega star has a red velvet blindfold on and is slowly rubbing her clit in anticipation of Keiran Lee.  He is teasing her by walking around her, taking his time, making her wait.

The video cuts away to give us more of Angela rubbing her whopping perfect natural tits.  I’m never going to stop enjoying Miss White giving those puppies a good rub and showing us just how much she enjoys showing us her wonderful boobs.  We also get to see this popular pornstar bending over and show us that glorious big ass in a black sheer robe.  Seeing her bent over and rubbing her butthole makes me wonder if this will be an anal sex video.

For Blindfolded Fantasy, Angela White has a totally shaven pussy.  There is no sign of a pubic hair on her body. She is totally bald around her vagina.  As smooth as a peach.  There’s no chance of Keiran Lee getting a pubic hair stuck in in his throat today…unless it’s own!

After the sensual tits and ass show off, Keiran Lee gets down to business and gets Angela in the mood by getting to work on her pussy.   He is using a black hitachi wand that sends high frequency vibrations all over Angela White’s shaven pussy.  She lets out some moans and groans of sexual pleasure as her pussy is pleasured.  There are some great close up shots of the vibrator pleasing her moist pussy.

We’re half way through the trailer for Brazzers Blindfolded fantasy and it’s now that we get to see Angela White with Keiran Lee’s cock in her mouth.  She is looking at him straight in the eyes as she takes his British cock to the back of her throat and beyond.  The first penetration position we see is Angela getting fucked doggy style and sounding like she is absolutely loving every second of it.

Miss White is very vocal in this Blindfolded Fantasy porn video.  Keiran has her in the seated missionary position, fucking her Australian pussy and also using the hitachi wand on her clit.  The video then cuts to all the other sexual positions that Keiran Lee fucks her in.  This includes spoons, that I think Mr Lee is very keen on.  I have seen quite a few Keiran Lee videos and this position seems to be his favourite.

I think the standout little clip in this trailer will be seeing Angela White gently biting on Keiran’s foreskin.  It’s not something I have seen in a trailer, so it took me a little by surprise.  The main attraction of this Blindfolded Fantasy Brazzers video starring Angela White will be her big boobs.  The trailer doesn’t disappoint.  Although there are some great shots of her getting fucked by Keiran Lee, I just loved the slow motion shots with Angela showing off her big natural boobs!   Strewth mate…what a fucking great pair they are!

Here’s the OFFICIAL Brazzers description of Blindfolded Fantasy.

Angela White is goddamn perfect. With her big gorgeous tits, long flowing brunette hair and an ass that won’t quit; she’s every man’s fantasy. It’s no wonder she likes to dance around in the nude wearing only a black sheer robe. All by her lonesome, she can’t help but touch her dripping wet pussy and please herself.

Little does she know, Keiran Lee’s about to pop up and he’s got a few surprises in line for her. A blindfold, a wand, and a big hard dick that’s guaranteed to take Angela to orgasm city on a fast train. Keiran loves to make Angela’s legs shake and fucks her right until she’s near exploding.

Then, he pulls out and sucks hard on her clit. Angela sucks, spits, and even lightly nibbles on Keiran’s cock. She lubes up her tits with spit and takes his dick on a sloppy wet boob job joy ride. Keiran fucks Angela silly until he makes a mess of her pretty face. But he’s not done with her yet. He finishes her off, covered in cum, with the wand. Boy, these two sure know how to fuck, am I right?

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