Blue Light Filter Alina Ali Destiny Cruz

Blue Light Filter
Small Hands, Alina Ali, Destiny Cruz

Just by coincidence, Alina Ali and Destiny Cruz are both appearing in their 2nd Brazzers porn video in Blue Light Filter.  This is an interracial threesome were Small Hands gets to fuck both of these beautiful looking pornstars.  We last saw Alina Ali in her great debut called Dick Slap Piggyback and Destiny Cruz made her first appearance in the impressive Don’t Tell Mom We’re Fucking Her Man

Blue Light Filter

So what does this new threesome called Blue Light Filter have in store for us?  Well it has the two hot babes Alina Ali and Destiny Cruz having a sleep over, but towards the end of the night, they both realise that sleep overs at their age is a lot more boring than they remembered during their childhood friendship.  Alina exclaims that she is so fucking bored, as she lays in her single bed next to Destiny.


They put their heads together to come up with a plan to end the boredom.  Alina suggests that they invite Destiny’s old flame Small Hand over to play.  They both remember that he had a fucking huge cock and he was rumoured to be able to fuck all night long without cumming.   Destiny is not too sure.  She had suspicions that Alina wanted him over to have a threesome, but it’s something that she had never experienced before.

Destiny Cruz PornstarMiss Cruz eventually agrees to give Small Hands a call and invited him over to talk about their past relationship.  Mr Hands was there in a shot. He remembered just how sexy Destiny Cruz looked in bikini and would love the chance to get inside her panties once again.

In Blue Light Filter, when he arrived, it was Alina Ali who did all the flirting.  It was very obvious that if Small was going to get laid tonight it was going to be with Miss Ali.

When Destiny left the room to check on the pizza that she put in the over, Small Hands and Alina Ali sneaked off to the bedroom for some one on white interracial sex.

Alina keeps her hot red lingerie on while Small Hands licks her pussy before he buries his cock deep inside her wet dripping pussy.  Destiny can here sexual noise coming from the bedroom.  when she opens up t door and finds Alina with with Small Hands fat cock in her mouth, she expresses her disappointment that she had started without her!

In Blue Light Filter, Destiny Cruz joins Alina Ali on the bed to give Small the threesome of his dreams.  These two hot besties take it in turns to suck his cock and balls before he gets to fuck them one at a time!

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