Bouncy Jog and Snog Chantal Danielle, Zac Wild

Bouncy Jog and Snog
Chantal Danielle, Zac Wild

Chantal Danielle Brazzers Debut

Zac Wild cannot believe is eyes.  He was out for his morning jog with his girlfriend when Brazzers debutant Chantal Danielle jogging towards them.  He could not take his eyes off her big bouncy tits.  In Bouncy Jog and Snog, Chantal Danielle was not wearing a bra and her big boobs were bouncing in all directions.

Luckily for Zac, his girlfriend did not notice his jaw dropping to the floor and they continued to finish their jogging session.  Zac was at home mopping the sweat from his face, when he noticed Chantal Danielle outside his house, looking lost.  With his girlfriend in the shower, Zac went outside to introduce himself to the busty jogger.

In Bouncy Jog and Snog, when Miss Danielle explained that she was a little lost after taking a new route on her jog, Zac let her in his house to charge her mobile phone so she could use her online maps to find her way home.


However, once inside his house, Chantal turned into a freaking nympho.  She told Zac that she want him to fuck her hard in his living room.  He tried to convince her that it was not a good idea with his girlfriend upstairs in the shower. Chantal did not care, she want cock and she wanted it now.

Eventually, Zac could not resist that firm tattooed body any longer.  He allowed the horny busty jogger to suck his sweaty cock and bring him to full erection.  Zac was loving the blowjob, but was still very nervous about being caught with his pants down.

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In Bouncy Jog and Snog, Zac’s worst fears started to come true.  He could hear his girlfriend coming down the stairs, he tries to make Chantal stop sucking his cock, but she just doesn’t care.  She continues to suck Zac Wild’s big dick hidden behind the kitchen counter. His girlfriend cannot see what is going on.

When his girlfriend finally leaves the kitchen to go back upstairs to get dressed, Chantal demands that Zac fucks her in the kitchen before she comes back. Zac wastes not time.  She bends her over the breakfast bar and slams her pussy with all the energy he has left.

If you like tattooed women then you are going to enjoy watching Chantal Danielle making her Brazzers debut.  She has a pair of fantastic tits that really do bounce as she jogs along the street.