Brazzers For Foxxx Sake starring Ana Foxxx

Brazzers For Foxxx Sake
Xander Corvus and Ana Foxxx

For Foxxx Sake

Well, as porn video storylines go, Brazzers For Foxxx Sake is one of the most straight forward and obvious.  Ana Foxxx goes to visit her gynaecologist to see if she can have the very tight pussy examined and stretched.  She is having problems taking her boyfriends big cock inside her.


In Brazzers For Foxxx Sake, when she arrives, she was pleasantly surprised to find that her old gynaecologist had retired and has been replaced by the much younger and better looking Dr Xander Corvus.  Ana was hoping that Xander was going to have a different diagnosis for her.  Miss Foxxx’s old gynaecologist just fobbed her off with lotions and sex education advice.

Ana Foxxx and her New Gynaecologist

As for Dr Corvus, he was also happy to see a young female in his examination room.  He was getting tired of looking at old ladies pussy.  Most of his recent patients had been much older and had pussies that looked like that had gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson.  He instructs Miss Foxxx to lay on the examination table and explain what to him the problems with her pussy.

In Brazzers For Foxxx Sake, Ana Foxx lays back and explains that her pussy is just too tight to take a big cock.  Her new boyfriend is very well endowed and is eager to fuck her.  But every time they try to fuck, her pussy does not stretch enough to accommodate his girth.   Xander listened and came up with an idea that he has used before on other tight pussy patient’s.

Dr Corvus explained that he too has a big cock, but her has medical training on how to use it properly and insert it into wet tight pussies.  Miss Foxxx was a little apprehensive at first, but she was willing to give anything a go to rectify her pussy problems.  Xander started off by easing a finger into her pussy.  Once he was satisfied that one finger was comfortable, he tried 2 then three fingers.

Ana Foxxx began to trust this method.  In Brazzers For Foxxx Sake, it was the first time that three fingers had been able to slide in and out of her vagina.  So when Dr Corvus suggested that he should now try to put his big cock inside her, she agreed and eagerly anticipated taking her first ever big cock in her pussy.

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