Brazzers Oiled-up Azul Hermosa

Oiled-up Azul

Brazzers Oiled-up Azul
Zac Wild and Azul Hermosa

After having plenty of great sexy workout porn videos, we are back to some sensual massage action with the hot Azul Hermosa.  This long darked haired beauty gets a full on full body rubdown from Zac Wild in Brazzers Oiled-up Azul.  From the very first few moments of this new video, you cannot help but admire Miss Hermosa’s great looking ass.


As she walks past the camera id a pair of booty shots, you get to see a glimpse of ass cheek.  You can tell that she has a tight firm butt that you know would feel like putty in your hands.  She climbs onto her bed and awaits for her boyfriend to give her body a promised sensual massage.

Azul Hermosa has been feeling a tad tense lately, so she’s getting a full-body massage from Zac Wild. Zac is good with his hands, and soon enough Azul is all oiled up, moaning and groaning as she enjoys having Zac’s hands slide over every inch of her.

In Brazzers Oiled-up Azul, in fact, she enjoys Zac’s work so much that she repays him with a little massage of her own. And let me tell you, this one definitely has a happy ending.

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