Brazzers Red Flags Xander Corvus, Luna Star

Brazzers Red Flags

Brazzers Red Flags
Xander Corvus, Luna Star

Luna Star is feeling very romantic tonight.  She has decided to cook her boyfriend a romantic meal.  she is even wearing a sheer blouse so he can see her wonderful tits as soon as he walks in from work.  But as time ticks by, Luna stars to think that Xander is seeing another woman.

So when Xander Corvus returns home, Luna fires into him about her suspicions of his affair.  No matter how much he tries to defend himself, Luna continues to quiz him about who the other woman is.


Finally in Brazzers Red Flags, Luna decides that the best way to keep her man is to remind him of just how great at fucking she is.  Luna Star takes off her clothes and shows off her Latina body.  Her big sexy ass and big tits and flaunted in Xander’s face.

Luna is so fucking horny and angry, she performs some of the hardest and fastest blowjob and anal sex I have seen her perform in a while.  When she rides Xander’s cock in her arse I was worried she might pull up too far and land back down on his cock and destroy it.  But I need no fear.  Luna Star is a professional and knows just how to let a big dick fuck her Latina asshole.

In Brazzers Red Flags, Luna Star is making dinner for her boyfriend Xander Corvus. But it isn’t the oven that’s heating up the food, it’s Luna’s rage, because Xander is five minutes late. And there’s only one reasonable explanation: that jerk is cheating on her.

When Xander gets home, Luna confronts him, but Xander is adamant that there is no other woman in his life. And let’s be real: if you were dating someone as sexy as Luna Star, why would you possibly need to cheat? Luna’s still suspicious, so she reminds this potential cheater that his dick belongs to her.

Brazzers Red Flags In-Depth Description

The background is of a sitting room. The walls are white, with one section having a stone like effect. There is also a large window letting in bright light. In the room there is a large, blue sofa in an L shape. It has a criss cross pattern with circular indents. The flooring is a grey lament behind the sofa and there is a patterned rug of blue and brown in front of the sofa.

On the sofa there are two people, a Luna Star and Xander Corvus. They are both sitting on the sofa, with the Luna leaning over the Xander. Her hand is on his shirt, she has an angry expression on her face whereas the he seems defensive and has both hands in the air in confusion and he shows the same expression.

Xander Corvus has light brown and slightly curled, with a large, ruffled beard that is a darker brown. He wears a checkered shirt of light and dark blues and there is a watch on his left hand. His trousers are of light denim.

Luna Star has black curled hair, wearing a top that is black with red flowers on it and is slightly sheer and cropped. Her bottoms are light blue with white string that creates a ribbed effect, showing most of her legs.

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