Brazzers Snack Packin Zac Wild and Bella Rolland

Brazzers Snack Packin
Zac Wild and Bella Rolland

brazzers snack packin

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I presume delivery companies have been one of the few businesses that have been thriving.  With a lot of retain shops closed and closing down, business that offer a great, reliable delivery service have been able to survive.  So in Brazzers Snack Packin, Brazzers have developed their very own delivery service.

In true Brazzers style, the delivery person is a hot naked pornstar!  The first delivery pornstar is Bella Rolland.  She is making her first drop off to Zac Wild.  As soon as Zac answers the knock at the door, he is greeted by the hot naked brunette pornstar with his order.

Brazzers Snack Packin her Ass on a Plate

He had orders the ZZ Snack service delivery.  Bella is delighted to be in Zac’s house.  Zac had no choice but to let her in. She insisted on a very personal satisfactory service.  She was only supposed to be delivering Zac’s ZZ Snacks that he ordered, but Bella also included some goodies of her own.

In Brazzers Snack Packin, Bella pulls out a big purple dildo from the ZZ bag and lays back and spreads her legs wide open.  She want Mr Wild to insert the dildo straight into her.  No pissing around, she just wants the dildo in her trimmed pussy. Zac has other ideas.  If he is going to have a hot naked pornstar in his house, he is going to make sure he makes the most of it.

In Brazzers Snack Packin, Zac pulls out his cock and tells Bella Rolland that he can do a better job with his cock than any dildo can.  That is music to Bella’s ears.  She drops to he knees and gives Zac a frantic double handed pepper grinder style blowjob.   Zac really enjoys his perfect pornstar blowjob.  Bella gags as she delivers Zac a sloppy blowjob on his living room floor.

Not only does Bella offer a great delivery service and blowjob, but she also offers her ass to Zac too.  Zac can’t believe he is going to be fucking Bella Rolland straight in the ass.   This is a fun, frantic porn video and a great idea that I’m presuming could easily be turned into a series of Brazzers delivery service scenes.

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