Brazzers Squirt Her Candace Von and Serene Siren

Brazzers Squirt Her
Candace Von and Serene Siren

Brazzers Squirt Her

I’m starting to loss count on how many squirting niche porn videos Brazzers have rolled out lately.  Along with spitting, squirting is right up the top of my list of things I don’t like to see in porn videos.  I guess I must be in the minority otherwise the porn giants would not keep releasing them.


In Brazzers Squirt Her, we find Candace Von making her Brazzers debut.  She looks very recognisable with bright blonde hair against her black skin.  Serene Siren is making her 2nd appearance after her only other appearance way back in November 2019.

Brazzers Squirt Her is obviously a lesbian squirting video.  As the start of the video we find Serene Siren in a pink top with no bra on and her nipples poking through.  She is at a relaxation day at her local spa.  She had been meaning to book herself in for a while, but her bust work schedule had been keeping her away.

Serene is not aware that this spa offers female only happy endings.  She is just there to have a relaxing massage, but Candace Von has other ideas in mind.  Watching Miss Siren struggle to take her clothes off in front of another woman, Candace offers to help her.

It is now that Serene is ware that she is being touched up by a woman.  She has never felt a woman’s hand go so close to her pussy.  Feeling a new sexual sensation run through her body, she was curious to find out more about being touched by a woman.  Candace could see that Serene was happy to let her carry on touching her body in a way that has never happened to her before.

This Brazzers Squirt Her video turns from watching Serene Siren being a nervous and sexually curious MILF to her having a butt plug in her ass and squirting pussy juice from her pussy like a pro.

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