Breaking Up The Ass Kaiya Rose, Xander Corvus

Breaking Up The Ass
Kaiya Rose, Xander Corvus


Curvy black pornstar Kaiya Rose makes her Brazzers debut by getting fucked in the ass by Xander Corvus.  She is on a video chat call with her boyfriend.  She is doing her best to talk dirty to him and show him her big black tits and ass.  But her boyfriend is just not up to it and decides to breakup with her.  Xander is peeping into her bedroom and witnesses the whole thing.

When Kaiya discovers Xander at her bedroom door, she decides to make use of her perverted housemate and remains semi-naked in a pink thing that has disappeared up her big black ass.

Xander makes the most of this opportunity to get his cock in her big ass.  Xander and Kaiya Rose fuck hard on her bed and forget to turn off the phone.  Kaiya’s lustless ex-boyfriend watches the his ex-girlfriend taking a big cock in her ass.