But Can He Handle It? Kylie Green, Lottie Magne, Raul Costa

But Can He Handle It?
Kylie Green, Lottie Magne, Raul Costa


It’s a European Brazzers production starring Kylie Green, Lottie Magne and Raul Costa.  Kylie Green and Lottie Magne are both making their Brazzers debuts in But Can He Handle It?  Set in a bar room in Central Europe, this threesome is themed around the bar tender getting fucked by two hot babes who visit his bar.

It’s pure luck when someone stumbles upon a sexy Kylie Green scene! This gorgeous brunette from Sluck considers herself funny, kind, and optimistic, especially when hunting for potential partners.

When it comes to men, Kylie has one criteria: he needs to have a great dick. Kylie loves having her pussy pounded from behind in doggystyle, especially if she can play with her perky 32B tits. One cock is not enough for Kylie Green, who hopes to one day fulfill her fantasy of being gangbanged.

Lovely spinner Lottie Magne’s smooth skin and fuck me eyes make people want to cuddle her, but her dirty mouth and tight ass reveal a slutty interior. Though introverted, Lottie is an extra-ordinary human being with plenty of talent.

Between dancing and drawing, Lottie loves to express herself, and with pert boobs, suitors can’t help but stare. Well read and educated, Lottie’s biggest fantasy to sex in a public library. Once that information gets out, local libraries are certain to see an influx of horny clients, so let’s all thank Lottie for saving books worldwide!