Butt Plugged In The Shower Agatha Vega

Butt Plugged In The Shower
Christian Clay, Agatha Vega

Butt Plugged In The Shower

As a wise man once said “I do love the smell of anal first thing in the morning”, OK, I made that up, but at 6am in the morning I am greeted by the is new Agatha Vega anal sex video called Butt Plugged in the Shower.  This sexy babe from Venezuela stars in her 2nd Brazzers porn video and it’s the 2nd time that we gets to see her getting fucked deep in her asshole! She is obviously a potential anal queen of the future.


The sexy and sweet Agatha Vega is taking a shower, but she has more on her mind than washing herself. She brings a couple toys in with her, including a dildo and a butt plug, which she inserts during the shower. During Butt Plugged In The Shower, after the shower, she shows off her new toy to boyfriend Christian Clay. He toys with the butt plug for a bit, before they fuck on the couch; Christian makes sure to full all of Agatha’s holes with his big cock.

Agatha Vega surprised me by appearing in another Brazzers video so soon after her debut called Vega’s Not Vegan, She Eats Cock.  I’ll be honest and say that I expected her to be a one video wonder.  But she is sure back with a bang.  Her ass is looking so hot and tasty.  No wonder Brazzers have brought her back so quickly and get her ass stuffed with a big cock once again.

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