Cafe Chic Brazzers Alexis Fawx Video

Cafe Chic
Alexis Fawx, Small Hands

This is the 67th time we have been fortunate enough to see this perfect MILF pornstar naked and being fucked.  This incredible mature woman just can’t get enough cock in her life.  I have a vision of Alexis Fawx banging on the Brazzers studio doors every morning demanding to be let in to make another porn video.

Cafe Chic

Her big tits and ass, are gracing our screens once again in a Brazzers video called Cafe Chic.  This latest Alexis Fawx video also stars Mr Small Hands as a cafe waiter who is lucky enough to fuck Miss Fawx.  Once he gets a glimpse of her sexy blue lingerie, his cock is ready for some hardcore fucking with his flirtatious customer


Sexy, chic. Sloppy, posh. Alexis, Fawx. On this idyllic afternoon, Alexis is adding a little spice to the terrace life with her irresistible je ne sais quoi… She licks her stirring spoon, showing off that wet, warm, eager tongue. Adjusts her legs to show off enticing blue panties.

In Cafe Chic, she strips down to reveal her huge, bubbly butt, soft tits and totally toned body. She poses around the makeshift cafe for all to see, stunning our waiter Small Hands with her raw sexual appeal. Oh, did you drop your cup, monsieur? Let Alexis wipe you down and pull out your throbbing cock for the perfect amuse-bouche!

Cafe Chic is Alexis Fawx 10th Brazzers video of 2021 already.  I would not be surprised if we see her again very soon.  Two Brazzers videos a month starring Alexis Fawx is worth the Brazzers membership fee alone!

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