Captain Stabbin Episode 5 The Betrayal

captain stabbin episode 5

Captain Stabbin Episode 5 The Betrayal
JMac, Sloan Harper

Sloan Harper exposes her beautiful ass in this Captain Stabbin Episode 5 The Betrayal porn video from Reality Kings.  Her amazing butt gets a big cock squeezed inside of it by JMac.


Once onboard he Captain Stabbin sex boat, Sloan enjoys the sun on her body and she looks amazing in a very revealing bikini.  Her arse looks so firm and juicy.

The sun makes her very horn indeed.  She decides to go fully nude out on the deck.  She knows that there are plenty of guys on this sex boat that would love to fuck her in the arse.

In Captain Stabbin Episode 5 The Betrayal, it doesn’t take long before JMac is on the sexual offence.  He offers his sun cream rubbing services to Sloan Harper and she joyfully accepts.  JMac rubs cream all over her slender back and guides his hands all over Sloan’s firm round ass.

As soon an JMac slides a finger into Miss Harpers butthole, she moans with delight.  JMac is now fully aware that he has the green light to fuck this beautiful brunette babe straight in the ass.

They disappear below deck wear Sloan gets to work on JMac’s big cock by sucking it like a little cock whore that she is.  As soon as his cock was fully erect, she climbs onto his lap and slide her arsehole down his shaft.

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