Capturing The Couple Lexi Luna, Clara Trinity, Oliver Flynn

Capturing The Couple
Lexi Luna, Clara Trinity, Oliver Flynn


One of my favourite pornstars, Lexi Luna, is back in another fantastic looking Brazzers porn video.  This time she is playing a female photographer that specialises in taking photos of couples.  Today she has Clara Trinity and Oliver Flynn in her studio.  The shoot is not going very well because they are too shy to be intimate in front of Lexi.

Lexi decides that this couple needs a little bit of a helping hand to relax.  Lexi unbuttons her blouse a little to reveal her sexy cleavage.  Rubbing her tits in front of both of them, the mood begins to lighten up a lot.  Trinity was very interested touching another woman’s tis for the first time.  Watching Lexi and Trinity kissing makes Oliver’s cock burst into life.  He has never been so hard.

The two hot women take out his cock and give him a fabulous double blowjob.  All Mr Flynn has to do is watch in astonishment as his girlfriend enjoys sharing his huge cock with another woman for the very first time.  Capturing The Couple is a great threesome with a brilliant storyline.  It’s always nice to see Lexi Luna performing in a Brazzers video.  She is at her very best in this new BGG Brazzers hardcore video.