Redhead Fucked in a Tunnel – Public Agent

redhead fucked in a tunnel

Redhead Fucked in a Tunnel
Ariela Donovan

Ariela Donovan produces a great looking POV blowjob during this Public Agent porn video produced by FAKEhub.  Her lips and tongue do a great job on camera.

Edited by Dick DeLonge

Mr Public Agent and his buddy are out taking a gentle evening stroll when they come across the redhead beauty that is Ariela Donovan. Whilst waiting for her friend, they tempt her into a bit of fun.

But what starts out as a quick flash of her tits turns into a great fuck in a secluded tunnel! You’ll get a close up view of Ariela showing off her incredible body as she rides and rides until taking and swallowing his load!

Tunnels can be a little dark (who would’ve thought!?) so in Redhead Fucked in a Tunnel, I had to up the exposure a bit more than usual on this scene, just to make sure you had the best possible view of her bouncing tits! Great location though, no idea how he finds all these places! Keen walker I suppose.


Fuck the Location Fee – Fake Hostel

fuck the location fee

Fuck the Location Fee
Mia Rose and Steve Q

What a fantastic pair of knockers.  I’ve very quickly become a huge fan of these wonderful pair of natural breasts.  I’m really hoping to get another chance to see these big banging bouncing on my editing screen very soon again.  Watching Mia Rose and her huge boobs performing is a true delight, one of the reasons why I love my porn editing job so much!

I was delighted to get given the chance to edit another porn video featuring Mia Rose. I had already edited her in a Public Agent video and immediately fell in love with her big natural tits.

This Fake Hostel video sees Mia Rose dancing and recording a video of herself on her phone. When the Hostel manager catches her, he asks whether she is planning to sell the video online. When she confesses that she will be selling her sexy video online, the Hostel manager explains that she will have to pay a location fee.

In Fuck the Location Fee, Mia decides that she can convince him not to charge the fee and uses her big titties to pay him for his trouble. This scene is live on FAKEhub on 18th September, 2020.

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Stuck In A Ladder Sybil Kailena

Stuck in a Ladder

Stuck In A Ladder
Matty, Sybil Kailena

Backpacking through Europe, petite brunette Sybil Kailena rents a room at the Fake Hostel. With a room to herself, Sybil decides to do some yoga in a thonged one-piece bodysuit.

In FakeHub Stuck In A Ladder, once finished, Sybil notices her bed is messy, so she leans through the bunk-bed’s ladder to fix the sheets… but she gets stuck! Sybil’s calls for help attract Charlie Dean, who immediately takes out his cock so he can stroke it to Sybil’s prone big booty. After cuming on her, Charlie makes his presence known, and offers to help. Unable to remove Sybil from the ladder, Charlie offers her some lube in the form of cum.


This also doesn’t work, so they try another idea: Charlie fucks Sybil doggystyle, and she throws it back so hard against his cock that she pops right out! Thanking him for saving her, Sybil sucks Charlie’s cock, then strips off her bodysuit to show him her perk tits. In FakeHub Stuck In A Ladder, Charlie fucks Sybil’s tight pussy missionary on the bed, then creampies her!

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Michaela Isizzu Masturbating on the Balcony

masturbating on the balcony

Masturbating on the Balcony
Michaela Isizzu

Watch Michaela Isizzu masturbating in front to the camera.  Her pussy looks good enough to eat, but today she has to settle for a bit of self loving.  With nobody around to get her a good hard fuck, she has to pleasure herself with the delicate fingers.

Unfortunately I was not given this scene to edit.  Just by looking at the screenshot of FAKEhub Masturbating on the Balcony, I can tell that I would had really enjoyed editing this porn video judging by the look in her sexy eyes.

Here’s what my colleague has to say about editing this Michaela Isizzu solo masturbation video from FAKETAXI FORUM.

“We have the latest solo coming up for you featuring Michaela Isizzu. I do like these solo scenes, they offer a window into someone’s life like no other scene can. This really feels like a window into Michaela’s life, just sitting there on her balcony enjoying her morning coffee, surrounded by her neighbours as well!

There are some wonderful angles of her sexy body, featuring some incredible tattoos! Considering she’s filming this on her own, she did an amazing job. She made my job editing this a real pleasure, I’d like to see more of Michaela in the future!”

You will be able to enjoy Masturbating on the Balcony starring Michaela Isizzu on August 1st, 2020.


Blonde Brit Fucked by Euro Cabbie – Gina Varney

Blonde Brit Fucked by Euro Cabbie

Blonde Brit Fucked by Euro Cabbie
George Uhl and Gina Varney

Wow… I was gutted to miss out on editing this FAKE TAXI video.  My lucky colleague was the lucky guy to get his teeth stuck into this Gina Varney Fake Taxi video.  I’m so jealous!

A British blonde hottie called Gina Varney got into the taxi today. Gina told the driver she liked Czech men, because they gave her lots of attention. After meeting a friend online, Ms. Varney was here to meet them.

In Blonde Brit Fucked by Euro Cabbie, they got chatting, and when she asked if he had a girlfriend, he told her no. Gina was interested by this, and asked what he does for sex. He told her sometimes his clients do not have the money to pay, and they come to other arrangements. As fate would have it, Gina had forgotten her purse.

She agreed to show him her big boobs, and then turned around and shook her booty for the driver.  He found them a quiet place to park, and he turned her doggystyle so he could lick her tight ass and pussy. Gina gave him a sloppy deepthroat blowjob, then he fucked her hard. She was begging him to cum inside her, so he filled her up with a creampie!

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Lollipops & Lingerie with Nancy Ace

Lollipops & Lingerie with Nancy Ace

Lollipops & Lingerie with Nancy Ace
FakeHub Originals – Live on 23rd July, 2020

Her’s an awesome solo girl masturbation porn video starring Nancy Nice.  She is wearing a beautiful set of blue lingerie that really makes her body look incredible.

Solo girl porn videos are very common during the COVID 9 outbreak.  It was a way for produces and performers to still generate content for their fans and members.

This is the latest in a great batch of solo scenes, this vide features the gorgeous Nancy Ace, displaying some stunning royal blue lingerie. I’m sure you’ll be wanting to see a lot more of this stunner once you watch this video!

In Lollipops & Lingerie, Nancy Ace lets her fingers do most of the talking and she plays with her clit and fingers her wet throbbing pussy.  You can tell that she is in desperate need of a big cock to help make her cum, but through some clit rubbing, she soon breaks in to several intense orgasms in front of her home made studio.

I’m looking forward to this video going live on 23rd July, 2020.


My Way All the Way Elisa Tiger Fake Taxi

my way all the way elisa tiger

My Way All the Way
Elisa Tiger

Elisa Tiger makes her Fake Taxi debut in a scene called My Way, All the Way.  She gets that wonderful arse out and her pussy gets pounded by a huge cock in this back seat hardcore fucking.

As you can see from the above screenshot, she does have a great looking ass.  Iy looks even better in a pair of hot demin shorts.

Fake Taxi description as written on Fake Taxi Forum.

Elisa Tiger loves a big dick. You can definately see just how much she longs to have a long hard penis deep in her pussy. In this Fake Taxi porn video, she is sure that her taxi man is not going the fastest way to her girl friends house.

She has to do her best to convince the driver to take her a quicker route. She gets her big natural boobs out and starts playing with her tight pussy in the back of the taxi. The driver has all the convincing he needs to change direction.

This Elisa Tiger video goes live on 16th October, 2020.

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Strip Dance Practise Isabelle Deltore Martina Smeraldi

Strip Dance Practise

Strip Dance Practise
Isabelle Deltore, Michael Fly, Martina Smeraldi

Wow, what a pair of absolute beauties.  Australian Isabelle Deltore and Italian Martina Smeraldi both have their tight wet pussy holes fucked by Michael Fly and his massive cock.

When Isabelle and Martina get together in a hostel to practise their striptease moves, they always find time for a bit of touchy feely action to really get themselves in the mood.  They like to get themselves in the moment when practising how to prick tease their paying customers.

They did not realise that Michael Fly was watch them go through their slutty dance routine.  As he watch them twerk and grind on each other, he developed and erection that he need to relieve.  He got his big cock out and started to stroke it as he fantasised about fucking these two hot strippers.

But when Isabelle turned around and caught Michael masturbating in the door way, she took one look at his cock and dragged him in the bedroom where she stripped him off naked.

Isabelle and Martina took it in turns to tease Michaels aching cock with their sex arses.  They both rubbed their big booty’s over his cock and very nearly make him cum too soon.  But these babes are experts in cock control and they gradually calmed him down with a slow and sensual double blowjob.

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