Maids With Dildos Emily Willis and Tru Kait

Maids With Dildos

MOFOS Maids With Dildos
Emily Willis and Tru Kait

The sight of a sexy babe in a French maids outfit never gets old.  It’s one of the sexiest outfits that a girlfriend can use to seduce their man.  Here we have Emily Willis and Tru Kait teasing each other before having amazing lesbian sex together.


Emily Willis and Tru Kait are both wearing different styles of French maid outfits.  One is wearing a traditional black and white version, whilst the other has a more modern pink style outfit.

I’m not sure which one I prefer to be honest.  While I like the traditional black and white French maid outfit, it’s also nice to see a new spin on it.  Would I be bothered whether the wife dressed up in one or the other…no…of course not.

MOFOS Maids With Dildos we get to see Emily Willis and Tru Kait kissing each other full on the lips, including tongues.  Whilst they French kiss passionately, they finger each others pussies and get extremely moist in the crutch area.

This new MOFOS girls Gone Pink porn video is a fantastic example of lesbian porn with sexy French maid outfits.  If this is your fantasy, then you will have no trouble in getting turned on watching these two hot babes getting it on!

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Kinuski Sucking And Fucking A Kind Stranger


Sucking And Fucking A Kind Stranger
Jordi, Kinuski

MOFOS bring a classic looking Public Pickups video called Sucking And Fucking A Kind Stranger starring Kinuski and Spanish male pornstar Jordi.  They meet at an airport and fuck outside in the street.


The reason why they fuck in the street is because Kinuski as arrived a few days too early for her flight.  She is left wondering around the airport trying to figure out what to do.  She has her suitcase dragging behind her but nowhere to stay.  The airport is mostly locked up because of the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020.

Luckily for Kinuski, Jordi is on the prowl for lost tourist looking for some where to stay.  He has heard that there have been plenty of stranded babes waiting at the airports to try and get home.

When he sees Kinuski, he knows that she will be looking for somebody to help her out.  He approached her and offers her some cash and some where to stay until her flight is arranged.  She is so happy that she sucks Jordi’s cock outside the airport and she sits on his big dick and makes him cum.

Sucking And Fucking A Kind Stranger is a perfect example of COVID-19 themed porn that uses the current crisis to create a porn video out of nothing.

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Scarlit Scandal in Helpful Neighbor a MOFOS Video

Scarlit Scandal Helpful Neighbor

Helpful Neighbor
Jake Adams, Scarlit Scandal

Sexy black pornstar Scarlit Scandal in Helpful Neighbor.  this new MOFOS porn video features hot ebony Miss Scandal pulling down her bright pink thong and riding Jake Adams and his huge white thick cock.


The video opens this Scarlit on a roof top talking to Jake.  She is having problems with her T.V. signal.  Jake decides to help her out and has to go into her house to look at the problem.  Handyman Jake fixes her T.V. and she is very grateful.

To repay him, she offers to suck his cock right there and then.  Jake cannot believe his luck.  He accepts he payment method with no hesitation whatsoever.  She gets on her knees and makes Jake very hard indeed.  She is slightly shocked by the size of her neighbours big dick.

Scarlit Scandal had never had such a big cock in her mouth before and she was wondering how it would feel inside her wet pink pussy.  She slides off her tiny pink thing and backs her pussy onto his erect shaft.

In this Scarlit Scandal in Helpful Neighbor, you are going to love seeing this hot black babe riding Jake’s massive dick.  Her black booty looks so sexy and she twerks for him over his cock before he cums.

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Anal in the Shower starring Gia Derza

Anal in the Shower

Anal In The Shower
Jake Adams, Gia Derza

A real treat for you today as Gia Derza stars in this awesome MOFOS Anal in the Shower video.  She puts on one hell of a show as her tight butthole gets penetrated by Jake Adams’s big white cock.

Staring off in the shower, Gia Derza is giving her body a full soapy washdown.  Her body is covered from head to toe in creamy white suds.  For a treat, she takes her big rubber dildo that sticks to the glass in with her.  She was planning to have a bit of private time and fucking her dildo all morning.


She slides the bright pink dildo deep into her wet pussy.  She moans as her first orgasm sends her quivering in the shower.  She wonders whether she man manage to back arsehole on the the dildo.  With a tight squeeze her dildo pops into her arse.

Just as she was starting to enjoy a dildo in her butt for the first time, she notices that her new roommate has been watching her fucking herself.  With her arse still in need of cock, she invites Jake Adams into the shower to fuck her tiny little ass until she cums.

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Wheres That Cheating Little Slut? Melody Foxx

Wheres That Cheating Little Slut

Wheres That Cheating Little Slut?
Tyler Steel, Melody Foxx

Melody Foxx is doing her best to hide for her fat bastard of a husband.  She’s really not interested in being fucked by the fat cunt today.  In MOFOS Wheres That Cheating Little Slut?, Melody runs into her neighbours house and begs him to hide her in the kitchen.  She hides behind the kitchen cupboard when her gross husband comes knocking.


In MOFOS Wheres That Cheating Little Slut?, Tyler Steel is able to convince the fat guy that Miss Foxx is not hiding in his house.  Melody Foxx is very grateful to Tyler.  She says she will do anything to repay the favour.  Tyler feels embarrassed and asks Melody to suck his cock.

To his amazement, Melody gets down on her knees and pulls out his cock from his pants.  She wraps her sexy lips around his bell-end and sucks it until he is hard enough to fuck.

She takes off her jeans and reveals that she is wearing a sex purple thong.  Tyler sits on his giant sofa and gets ready for the ride of his life.  Melody Foxx rides a huge cock and her natural boobs bounce all the time until she cums all over his man meat stick.

In Wheres That Cheating Little Slut?, you’ll love watching her big boobs bounce uncontrollably in this MOFOS Stranded Teens POV video.

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Orgasm Delivery – Lexie Fux and Brandon Haze

Orgam delivery

Orgasm Delivery
Lexie Fux and Brandon Haze

Lexie Fux take deliver of her band new pocket vibrator.  She had been waiting in all day for this special orgasm delivery.  Before she let’s the delivery guy go, she has to make sure that the vibrator actually works.


In MOFOS Orgasm Delivery, Lexie Lux make the delivery man wait and watch her make herself cum with her brand new vibrator.  She enjoys the feeling of her clit being stimulated by this latest pocket vibrator that she bought online.

But when her pussy needs filling with something more  penetrable, she give the delivery guy the eye and he understands what she wants straight away.  Brandon Haze gets to work on her pussy with his tongue before Lexie allows him to whip his cock out and put in her mouth.

Check out Lexie Lux having multiple orgasms when she is placed head down arse up in this new MOFOS porn video that was released on June 26th, 2020 for I Know That Girl

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