Captain Stabbin Episode 6 Julianna Vega Nia Nacci

Captain Stabbin Episode 6

Captain Stabbin Episode 6 The Scene
Julianna Vega and Nia Nacci

Another episode with the guys from Captain Stabbin.  This is episode 6 of the new series from Reality Kings.  Julianna Vega and Nia Nacci are the latest pair of beauties to be fucked senseless.

After plenty of research, booking the right talent, and getting a prime location (with accompanying Chekhov’s catering table, yum!), the Stabbin’ Crew are ready to film their first scene and make it big.

Filled with clickable ad moments, wild reactions, sneaky sex, and the beautifully tempting Nia Nacci and Julianna Vega, this should be everything they need and more! It begins with standard industry hotness – teen Nia is trying to sneak her questionably aged boyfriend, Sean Lawless, into their home when she’s confronted by stepmom Juliana.

In, Captain Stabbin Episode 6 The Scene, things escalate as the, uh, “father figure” arrives while Nia has Sean’s cock deep down her throat, gagging and slobbering in a cacophony of lust! But things, as usual, go awry as Juliana sneaks off with the too-curious property owner, Charlie gets a face full of food, and the crew’s “perfect scene” ends up being rougher waters than they expected. But porn is porn, right? How hard could it be to sell!


RK At Home Codi’s Crafty Corner Codi Vore

RK At Home Codi's Crafty Corner

RK At Home: Codi’s Crafty Corner
Codi Vore

OMG what a massive pair of tits Reality Kings have given us today.  Look at the size for these natural swing breasts.  They look so heavy, but so deliciously sweet to taste!

Blonde babe Codi Vore has a lot more to share than those gorgeous massive tits! In an in-depth interview, she tells us all about herself, before she takes off her clothes and shows off her lingerie.

In RK At Home Codi’s Crafty Corner, She takes that off too and fucks her big pink dildo cowgirl style while sucking on yet another dildo. Then she puts the dildo in between her tits and titty fucks it. She finishes her masturbation session off with a vibrator.


Lost Lil Humper Amber Alena Huge Fake Tits

Lost Lil Humper

Lost Lil Humper
Juan El Caballo Loco, Amber Alena

Amber Alena gets her massive fake tits out gain for Reality Kings.  This Lil Humpers porn video sees her getting fucked by Juan El Caballo Loco.

Poor Amber Alena has lost something important to her. With her big tits and tight body she is out roaming the streets, looking everywhere for her lost lil humper, Juan “El Caballo” Loco. She wants her little humper back so bad, she’s even posted signs!

Luckily, a nosy neighbor found the lil guy and called her up. When she arrives, she can tell Jaun has caught her scent. He is humping like a maniac in the background and breaking shit. Amber decides that it’s a good idea to settle him down with a blow job right through the gate.

In Lost Lil Humper, The neighbor doesn’t mind, she’s taken care of humpers before. So Amber gets down to business and fucks the hump right out of Juan. She uses her massive breasts to titty fuck him and then rides him like there’s no tomorrow. Juan cums all over her luscious ladies and then curls up into a ball for a nap. Oh, humpers… Aren’t they all the same?

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Compete to Completion Lesbian Interracial 3Way

Compete to Completion

Compete to Completion
Demi Sutra, Gianna Dior, Kiara Cole

Threes outstandingly beautiful pornstar having a threesome together.  Two ebony babes and one hot blonde get naked and perform some fantastic lesbian hardcore sex in a wonderful girl on girl 3way.

In Reality Kings Compete to Completion, Gianna Dior and Demi Sutra are extremely competitive – with everything from who wears the cutest panties to who cuts apples best. So when their smoking hot new roommate, Kiara Cole, moves in, the rivalrous babes are dead set on winning Kiara over first.

And what better way to do that than by licking Kiara’s juicy pussy? Demi and Giana seduce and play with their new roommate separately, but soon enough, the girls link up for a heated threesome.

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Captain Stabbin Episode 5 The Betrayal

captain stabbin episode 5

Captain Stabbin Episode 5 The Betrayal
JMac, Sloan Harper

Sloan Harper exposes her beautiful ass in this Captain Stabbin Episode 5 The Betrayal porn video from Reality Kings.  Her amazing butt gets a big cock squeezed inside of it by JMac.


Once onboard he Captain Stabbin sex boat, Sloan enjoys the sun on her body and she looks amazing in a very revealing bikini.  Her arse looks so firm and juicy.

The sun makes her very horn indeed.  She decides to go fully nude out on the deck.  She knows that there are plenty of guys on this sex boat that would love to fuck her in the arse.

In Captain Stabbin Episode 5 The Betrayal, it doesn’t take long before JMac is on the sexual offence.  He offers his sun cream rubbing services to Sloan Harper and she joyfully accepts.  JMac rubs cream all over her slender back and guides his hands all over Sloan’s firm round ass.

As soon an JMac slides a finger into Miss Harpers butthole, she moans with delight.  JMac is now fully aware that he has the green light to fuck this beautiful brunette babe straight in the ass.

They disappear below deck wear Sloan gets to work on JMac’s big cock by sucking it like a little cock whore that she is.  As soon as his cock was fully erect, she climbs onto his lap and slide her arsehole down his shaft.

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Sweet MILF Dani Dare and Katt Lowden

Sweet MILF

Sweet MILF
Dani Dare, Katt Lowden

Two bald pussies got ‘head to head’ in Sweet MILF, a lesbian porn video from Reality Kings.  Dani Dare and Katt Lowden perform some amazing girl on girl sex acts in this blonde on brunette fuck fest.


Katt Lowden was in charge of gathering as many sex toys as possible for a hen party.  One of her friends is getting married very soon, so there needs to be one final big bang before for the wedding.  Unfortunately she didn’t bother to invite the grooms mother, Dani Dare.

When Dani Dare arrives after inviting herself Katt tries to explain that she didn’t think that she would like to be at a hen party.  She had no idea that Dani was more than happy to come along and play with sex toys with all the other younger hens for the night.

Katt Lowden was shocked to see Dani Dare strip naked and play with all the toys that she could lay her hand on. Dildo and vibrators were put to the test by this stunning blonde MILF with great tits.

When she had played with all the toys on offer, Dani turned her attention to Katt.  She let it slip that she has often fantasised about having lesbian sex with a young college girl.  This was her chance to fore-fil that fantasy.


Cory Chase and Haley Reed in Staying Home

Cory Chase and Haley Reed

Cory Chase and Haley Reed in Staying Home
Reality Kings – Moms Bang Teens

A yoga themed porn video starring blonde hotties Cory Chase and Haley Reed.  They both get their lady gardens fucked hard by Xander Corvus in a Reality Kings porn video called Staying Home.

Instead of going to yoga class with her step mom, Haley decides to stay at home where she can have some extra sex time with her boyfriend Xander.  It’s not often that they have the house to themselves.  She had to lie and say that she did not feel very well to avoid going to yoga class.

So as soon as Cory Chase was out of the house and on her way to yoga class, Haley an Xander get down to business.  Haley loves to suck cock straight away.  She wastes no time in getting on her knees and getting her mouth stuffed with cock.  She’s so busy forcing Xander’s cock down her throat that she doesn’t here her step mom returning early.

Cory walks in to find Xander throat fucking her step daughter.  Still wearing her sexy tight lycra yoga pants, Cory sits on Xander’s face and grinds her pussy all over his face.

This turns in to a classic step mom and step daughter sharing a big cock porn video.


Bailey Brooke Got the Goods from Reality Kings

Bailey Brooke Go the Goods

Got The Goods
JMac, Bailey Brooke

If you like looking at hot blondes in bright pink underwear, then you are going to cum in your pants watching Bailey Brooke Got the Goods.  Her body looks so fine in her perfectly fitted underwear.

During some alone time, Bailey Brooke masturbates like she’s never done before.  The lack of cock during lockdown has made her pussy so eager for cock that she decides to get herself a big dildo.


Blonde babe Bailey has often confessed to only like cocks that or at least 9 inches long.  Anything smaller just doesn’t hit the spot for her.  So when she had enough rubber dildo in her, she is joined by JMac who is only to pleased to offer his cock that measure up to Miss Brooke’s standards.

Bailey Brooke opens up her legs for JMac to have his wicked way withe her.  She certainly enjoys be ing banged whilst still wearing her pink bra and pink and white thigh high socks.  She keeps her bra on but her tits out through most of the sex until JMac starts fucking her really hard in the spoons position and cowgirl.

This Bailey Brooke Got the Goods porn video from RealityKings is a must not only for Bailey Brooke fans, but also for fans of women in bright pink underwear.