Caught Your Whaletail LaSirena69

Caught Your Whaletail
Michael Vegas, LaSirena69

caught your whaletail

Oh I do like a whaletail.  Seeing a hot babe wit ha great ass showing the top of her thong is fucking hot in my eyes.  In this Brazzers Caught Your Whaletail video LaSirena69 is walking around the house with a lot of whaletail on show and it is driving her roommate crazy.  Michael Vegas is also a big fan of babes with exposed thong on show and he just can’t help but to grab it ad try and convince LaSirena69 to let him see more of her amazing body!


When the sultry LaSirena wears her favorite g-string, its collateral whale tail is both a blessing and a curse. Sure, it looks damn good on her perfect butt, but the whale tail also becomes a target for LaSirena’s annoying roommate. In Caught Your Whaletail, any time he has a clear shot, Michael Vegas snaps the exposed fabric, until, finally, LaSirena snaps. She is so fed up that she chases him down and smothers him with her ass until he can’t take it anymore. After a stretch of ass spanking, butt worship and pussy eating, cathartic sex ensues.

LaSirena69’s ass sure does look sexy in her bright yellow thong.  There’s no way we can blame Michael Vegas for wanting to see more of her great ass.  During Caught Your Whaletail, this short brunette haired babe sure knows how to tease a guy, even though she claims she is not doing it on purpose!  Her tits also look fabulous.  They are half hanging out of her tight fitted white vest top.

Eventually she gives in to his constant requests to fuck her.  She pulls out those fabulous natural boobs and lets him motor boat them for all they’re worth!  There is some great 69 action in this LaSirena69 Brazzers porn video.  Maybe that where she gets her name from.  I’ve never been able to understand why she has a number in her name.

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