Cookies and Cream for Hot Russian Fake Taxi

cookies and cream for hot russian

Cookies and Cream for Hot Russian
Starring Venera Maxima

If you like seeing hot European women in sexy uniforms, then you will love watching this new Fake Taxi video called Cookies and Cream for Hot Russian.  Venera Maxima looks so hot in a girl guides uniform.  She is caught out in the rain whilst trying to sell her cookies.  She gets picked up by the Fake Taxi and taken for a ride she will never forget.

Here’s what I wrote for FakeTaxiForum

Another day and hot babe on my editing screen.  This time it’s Venera Maxima getting her sweet pussy pounded in the back of the Fake Taxi.

She is dressed as some type of girl guide and is trying to sell cookies.  But as the rain began to pour, she has to grab a taxi.  This meant that there was no way she could sell her cookies.

The taxi driver offered to buy half of her cookies in exchange for a blowjob.  As she sucks on his cock, the taxi driver agrees to buy all the cookies if he can spunk all over her pretty face.

Look out for this Cookies and Creampie for Hot Russian scene going live in November 2020.

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